Golf Tip #4 With Adam Porzak: Connection

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SD Entertainer has had the ultimate pleasure of working with Adam Porzak of the Porzak Golf Academy. Porzak has enlightened us and our viewers with helpful and inspiring golf tips that are certain to transform anti-golfers to golf enthusiasts.

For Golf Tip #4, Adam Porzak makes the game easier and more enjoyable with a medicine ball exercise anyone is suitable to try out. He notes that it is important to focus on “connection.” Watch the video below for more insight from Porzak himself:

For this specific exercise, Porzak first sets up his golfing posture and swings the medicine ball as if he is swinging a club. He starts off by saying that people don’t do enough medicine ball work, so it’s definitely an important exercise. He notes some key points about the swing, such as maintaining connection within one’s core. Porzak also highlights the most important muscles — the hands and the body, which are most important to focus on when swinging.

Porzak also notes some caveats that arise when one is disconnected. For example, he says that if you simply throw the ball without maintaining connection within one’s core, the ball will likely go in the wrong direction. He said, “these are standard misses in golf,” after noting what could go wrong once disconnected.

If you haven’t already, check out the rest of Porzak’s golf tips in our series. We will let you know when Adam Porzak is back with SD Entertainer and offering the best and simple tips to our viewers. Stay tuned.

Also, visit Porzack Golf Academy for more information and everything you need to know about the academy itself.

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