10 Things You Didn’t Know About San Diego

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If you have relatives or friends visiting from out of town, it’s always amusing to throw down some little known facts about San Diego. Knowing these silly tidbits of information makes you seem like a local and they’re always fun to drop in casual conversation. So, what are some things that make San Diego truly unique? We’ve wrangled some random fun facts about everything from geography to celebrity news. Take some notes!

1. It’s hard to hear a Jason Mraz song and be in a bad mood. Did you know that the beach musician owns a 5.5 acre avocado farm in San Diego county. Even more of a reason to love him!

2. Speaking of avocados, Fallbrook is the avocado capital of the world. San Diegans even celebrate the local produce annually with a big bash known as the Fallbrook Avocado Festival.

3. And San Diego doesn’t just have avocado farms. San Diego county has over 7,000 farms, the most in one city in the United States.

4. Ever since 1992 when a student at Carlsbad High School fell into a trance while watching a hypnotist perform at an assembly, hypnotism has been banned by all public schools in San Diego.

5. We hope you’ve invested in a good flea collar or a flea pill for your furry friends. San Diego has more fleas than any other city in the U.S.

6. The Hotel Del Coronado is the country’s largest wooden structure. It also featured the first electric-lit outdoor Christmas tree in 1904.

7. The weather might be a dream in San Diego, but the traffic isn’t. The average motorist spends a grueling 256 hours a year sitting in their car.

8. San Diego was home to everyone’s favorite wacky children’s author, Ted Geisel – more frequently referred to as Dr. Seuss.

9. San Diego is home to the worlds oldest sailing ship, The Star Of India. The ship was first launched five days before Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

10. May 29th in San Diego is Tony Hawk day. The philanthropic world-famous skateboarder from Del Mar has donated $80,000 for new parks in the City of San Diego.

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