Fitness Tip from The Sporting Club – The Deadlift

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It’s now March and it’s getting a bit more difficult to stick to our New Year’s fitness resolutions. Don’t worry,  The Sporting Club San Diego is here to help make sure you are exercising effectively. With another fitness tip of the week, personal trainer Kris Machain makes another appearance on San Diego Living to help you stay motivated.

This week’s tip is one that everyone, from gym addicts and those trying-to-stay-motivated gym users, should all utilize. Kris introduces an exercise that helps strengthen the core and back. With this exercise, you can keep your middle tight and strong, as well as prevent back injury.

This a weight training move called the deadlift, a primal movement pattern built to work from multiple positions and with a variety of equipment. This lift can be done with a kettle bell, a dumbbell or a medicine ball. With the help of Davis, Kris demonstrates the deadlift from a standing position using an Olympic bar.

Step 1: Step up to the bar so your chin is directly over it.

Step 2: Squat into the starting position and grab the bar right next to your shins. Make sure to keep good posture, point your butt towards the ground and keep your chin up.

Step 3: Contract your core and drive through your feet to stand up.

Step 4: Bring the bar back to ground slowly and with control. This is where the lower back strength comes in.

And that’s the deadlift! Make sure when you do this exercise as well as any other exercise, that you maintain good posture. Every rep should look the same, meaning that you should strive to perfect every one. The first and last rep should look the same as every one in between. Make sure to incorporate your core exercise in your workout to strengthen and prevent back injury.

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