3 Powerful lower back stretches – Fitness Tip from The Sporting Club San Diego

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Most of us have jobs that require hours of sitting,  putting a lot of strain and discomfort on our lower back. While it would be nice to have a personal masseuse waiting to massage out those pesky kinks in our lower back, there are more ideal and cost-effective ways to lessen the discomfort and pain of your lower back.

Fitness trainer Kris Machain from The Sporting Club San Diego is here to offer three powerful stretches that will help minimize your lower back discomfort.

Stretch one: Lie on your back and get yourself into a figure four position. Once you’re in this position, wrap your hands around your thigh and slowly pull your knee towards your chest. Make sure to keep your head and back flat on the floor.

Stretch two: Lie on your back and get yourself into a figure four position. Now bring your arms stretched out to your sides and add lower body rotation by dropping your left knee to your right side while keeping your back and head flat on the ground. Spend about 30 seconds per side and repeat for other side. If you have a side that’s tighter than the other then spend more time stretching it out.

Stretch three: The last stretch involves using a stability ball. Bring your right knee to the ground while your right foot is on top of the stability ball and use your left foot for support and drive your hips forward while maintaining correct posture. If you don’t have a stability ball you can use a wall.

Stretching your back doesn’t actually involve stretching your back, but stretching your hips. A majority of the tension is on your hips causing lower back pain. One important thing to remember while stretching is to focus on your breathing and try to be as relaxed as possible. If you’re tense and holding your breath you’re not getting the best stretch possible. Look out for more helpful fitness tips from Kris Machain on San Diego Entertainer’s E&L TV in the near future.

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