Fermented Foods for a Healthy Gut

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There are trillions of tiny bacteria living inside your gut right now. While that may seem kinda gross, these creatures are responsible for a massive part of your health. These good bacteria impact things like digestion, immunity, and maintaining a healthy weight.

Taking care of your digestive system can have a major return in improving your overall health, so eating foods packed with probiotics should be an important part of your diet. Check out these great fermented foods rich in good bacteria that you should definitely include in your diet.


This popular hot dog topping is made from cabbage and salt. Sauerkraut is a simple yet tasty fermented food that delivers a packed dose of probiotics and fiber. It can easily be purchased at your local grocery store or made at home, and can be found in a number of different varieties for your taste.


A Korean version of sauerkraut, this fermented cabbage is spicy and is a staple in any Asian diet. Kimchi can be eaten alone or mixed with rice and noodles for a delicious and highly nutritious meal.


This tangy tea is rich in healthy yeast and bacteria, and can often be found flavored with herbs or fruit. Some kombuchas can be found with a small amount of alcohol which is produced during fermentation, with some even containing up to 4 %. Kombucha has become a much more popular beverage in recent years and can be found at most grocery stores. Hard Kombucha recently hit the beer scene in San Diego and can be found on tap at many bars. These contain the same amount of alcohol as beer (up to 9%) and are typically gluten-free, a great alternative to beer!


Made by fermenting milk, any yogurt marked with a “Live & Active Cultures” label guarantees it contains a million probiotic cultures per gram. These probiotics are extremely beneficial for your gut health, and can even help anyone who is lactose intolerant.


Made from barley, rice or soybeans, Miso is a fermented paste that adds a great flavor to dishes. You can put miso in anything from salads to noodle dishes, making it a handy ingredient to add to your meals for an extra health boost.


A fermented milk drink, Kefir tastes similar to drinkable yogurt, and it is full of calcium and probiotics. Kefir is great for adding to your morning smoothies and delicious enough to drink alone. 

Raw Cheese

Raw milk cheeses are typically made from goat milk, sheep milk, and A2 cows. These are all high in probiotics known to boost your immune system and destroy any harmful bacteria.

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