Fashion Trends for Coachella 2017

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It’s time to roll down your windows, and let the wind blow through your hair as you listen to this year’s hottest jams. In a matter of days Coachella will be here, so time to grab your fun flare before it’s all sold out. Although the flower child theme of Coachella is always an inspiration, each year the look gets a little bit of an update. Find the look that matches your Coachella inspiration.

90’s Grunge – Red, Black, & White

The 90’s are still alive, as new renditions of the grunge look continue to make an appearance in the fashion scene. Think favorite 90’s rock band tee, cut into a crop and paired with high-wasted shorts, and you’ll get a taste of some of the Festival selection at Forever 21.

Bodysuits & Frayed Shorts

This year’s bodysuits are platinum. Pick between gold, bronze, and silver and add a pair of frayed jean shorts. Complete your look with a see-through lace top and a pair of platform mules, and it’s guaranteed people will stop to compliment your style.

Body Glitter

2017 is the year for glitter. Get inspired by “Go Get Glitter,” a London-based celebrity company that specializes in body and face art. Paint a bodysuit with glitter, or frame your face with bright hued eyeshadow and complementary colored jewels. Finish the look off with some hair glitter from Urban Outfitters.


The versatility of denim transcends almost every look. This year’s Coachella denim includes light-washed jeans, shorts, and dresses with floral embroidery. Bring back the 80’s with ripped jeans, high-waist cuts, and floral accents. Not prepared to go all denim? Head to your local thrift store and find a backpack, like this Forever 21 90’s copy, to hold your chapstick and sunscreen during the festival.



Stores we recommend for inspiration:

  • H&M
  • Forever 21
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Buffalo Exchange
  • Local Thrift Store

We hope you find some inspiration to look and feel your best as you rock out to your favorite bands. Happy Coachella 2017!

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