Body Positive Fitness Instagram Accounts to Follow

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There’s a lot of talk about the dooms of social media these days. With bullying becoming more and more of a problem, these platforms make it easier to harass and hurt people from behind a screen. Another major gripe that many have with social media platforms are the negative psychological effects that certain posts can create. The idealized versions of reality that are posted often lead us to compare ourselves to others.

However, there is also a brighter side to social media. Platforms like Instagram are often the source of inspiration and motivation for healthy habits such as clean eating and exercise. Instagram has given rise to hashtags such as #cleaneats, #fitspo, and #fitspiration. Hashtags like these make it easy to find nutritious recipes, discover new methods of exercise, and help us stay motivated to make healthy choices.

While photos of the fit bodies of models can lead the viewer to make unfair comparisons, the ability to post body positive content is also a large part of health and fitness Instagram culture. Many “instafamous” fitness fanatics state that their main goal is to motivate others towards health and happiness. The accounts of these fitness gurus are riddled with heartfelt captions about the ups and downs of their personal fitness journeys, learning to love their bodies, and the realities of hard work.

If you’re looking for some body positive, health conscious motivation, here’s a few accounts to follow:


Kelly Roberts is the blogger and runner behind She is a brand ambassador for Oiselle and Stravarun.  She is brutally honest about the side of running that is not glamorous.  She often posts photos of her discomfort (a breath of fresh air considering that most popular accounts only post beautiful photos of runners with gazelle-like grace and perfectly toned bodies). In one of her most recent captions, Kelly writes, “Today I did not run strong. I felt like a dead horse being dragged by the hope of having a cheeseburger for dinner. Sometimes you just have to get through it for the cheeseburger.”


Sophie Gray is a Canadian fitness guru, lifestyle blogger, and an advocate for body positivity. She posts more than just fitness routines and exercises; many of her posts are quotes that celebrate self love and self care. She often posts unedited selfies wearing no makeup with her wet hair up in a towel to depict the reality that often doesn’t make it to an Instagram feed. Sophie regularly discusses topics that most fitness accounts brush over: she details her difficult days, struggles with mental health and self esteem, and her imperfect skin— she does this unapologetically and with grace.  


Movemeant is a non-profit organization that empowers women to feel confident about their bodies by using fitness and physical movement as a way to build self-worth and positive body image. Movemeant’s Instagram feed is filled with all different body shapes and sizes, and this creates an inviting space to get motivated and feel inspired. Their unique hashtag #daretobear encourages women to overcome insecurities and move out of their comfort zones.

We hope these body positive fitness accounts motivate you to get healthy and stay active. It’s time that we take advantage of the brighter side of social media and draw inspiration from these networks.

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