Fall Style Watch: Keep time with a great watch

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Watches are definitely in this season. Wearing a timepiece was nearly a lost habit because really, who needs a watch when you have a cell phone? Instead of investing in practicality it’s the season to invest in fashion. And what better accessory than jewelry?

There are a few trends making appearances this Fall, so jump on board and don’t be late (pun intended).

Big and Bold – Bring on the “Bling Bling” with a bold and bulky silver watch. Manufacturers are increasing the face size of many watches to keep up with demand. Some are huge, so if you’ve got a smaller frame watch out, you don’t want to overwhelm or blind your friends.

Colorful Bands – A colorful or bright white watch can fit any wardrobe. Ideal for a casual outfit you can match them with nearly anything.

Rubber – Rubber watch bands are similar to color bands in that they can add a pop to your wardrobe. Rubber bands are all weather and are really easy to clean. Other lightweight materials, especially titanium and ceramic, are growing in popularity as well.

Fun Shapes – Sick of your usual round watch? Square faces are all the rage right now. Also big are oval and other geometric shapes.

Celebrities have already taken note of these trends and you can find examples everywhere. From Oprah, to Jessica Alba and Madonna, to Tom Cruise, they’re everywhere.

If you’re looking for a new watch there are a few things to pay attention to. First, fit. Especially if the watch is over sized make sure it’s not just too big for you. It should slide up and down your wrist slightly but not be ready to fall off.

Second, shop around. Are you looking for an investment piece or something for everyday? What brands are you looking for? What is your price range? All are important factors to keep in mind before heading to the mall.

Celebrity photos provided by Philip Stein. Philip Stein watches are unique in their natural frequency technology. Studies have proven help the individual sleep better, focus more, stress less and have less anxiety. Not only are they beautiful, they can improve your health.

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