Fall 2009 NYC Fashion with a San Diego twist

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Fashion Week 2009 (Photo from 'kk+' via Flickr)

Fashion Week 2009 (Photo from 'kk+' via Flickr)

With how hot it has been in San Diego the past few weeks, it seemed almost possible that summer could last forever! As we all cross our fingers and close our eyes, the first couple days of Fall have crept in, right under our noses.

It had to happen sooner or later; and now it is about time to say goodbye to our cut off jean shorts and cotton dresses that adorned the summer fashionista section of our closets.

If summer was any indication of the extreme weather we will be experiencing, we are in for a cold one (whatever that means to San Diegans), making this year’s fall fashion trends something to be thankful for.

New York fashion week is packed full of out-of-this-world city fashion, but how can we relate our “cold” fall and winter days to New York’s pre-snow season via wardrobe? Here are some tips for incorporating some of the top Fall Fashion trends of NYC’s Fashion Week into a Southern Cali vibe that will keep you warm without losing your laid back style. We will start with the girls, since we all know you gals are itching for some season teasers…


It seems contradictory that the two color trends this season are black, black and more black… and then a wide array of pastels, such as Rose, light Yellow, Lavender, etc., but I think it’s great! A great way to combine these two ideas is to keep your summer little black dress handy, and keep warm with a bright pastel (make sure its patterned, patterned is in!) pair of leggings.

Since scarves are a must for any fall season, add an accent scarf that will bring out colors in your leggings. You can find a wide array of affordable bright leggings at Forever 21, Target, Charlotte Russe, and local boutiques.


Plaids in all colors and patterns are in this year! ( Picture by Hoggheff aka Mr. Freshtags)

Plaids in all colors and patterns are in this year! ( Picture by Hoggheff aka Mr. Freshtags)

The country look seems to head in and out of the shadows every couple of years. As an advocate of comfy country style, I am happy to say plaids have come out to play this year!

The cool thing about this trend is that it has evolved into so many different color palettes; with bright purple and pink plaids to old fashioned earthy toned plaids, you can put a look together to just head out for errands or to go out to dinner with friends.

One of my favorite put together looks is a long boyish style plaid button up, over dark skinny jeans. This may seem plain and androgynous, but when paired with an awesome set of black stilettos, or above-the-knee heeled boots, you will be turning heads, and not just Cowboy heads. Add some chunky jewelry (this season calls for lots and lots of bright jewelry) and you are ready for a night out with the girls, or the boys!


The economic turmoil in our society has leaked into fall trends this year with a chaotic blend of mismatched patterns and colors as well as comfy picks that will keep you warm and feeling good.

It is important to remember that most of the things you have in your closet are things that have or will come back, so don’t be too quick to get rid of your old threads. Fashion is a place where the old rules of stripes, solids, plaids and what goes with what has been thrown out the window. Experiment with things you already have to make ballsy choices and artistic looks that no one would otherwise see coming. It is hard to tell the difference between someone who does not know what they are doing style wise, and a fashion forward style genius.

Photo by Logan Antill via Flickr

Photo by Logan Antill via Flickr

On top of keeping your last season’s clothing, add a few essentials that you will be able to use to update your looks. Leggings are huge this year, and you should have a few pairs handy to wear under long shirts, dresses, short shirts if paired with high heels, and blazers for a pro-look.

Go to Nordstroms, or another high-end department store, and splurge on a warm colorful coat that will keep you warm through the fall. It is worth it because with the color rules being blurred, it is likely you can wear it with anything underneath, and is essential to your 2009 fall collection.

Sorry ladies, as much as I hate to say it, heels are in, and bigger, badder, and more uncomfortable than ever. Pick up a pair or two that you can partially stand to wobble around in. For Southern California’s sake, as an alternative, look for brightly colored and metal, pearl, pattern adorned flats that will be appreciated on the streets of SD.

Now for the men, you guys always seem to have it easier than us. This fall’s fashion trend: clean and simple.


Dark denim seems to have won the hearts of American men because it has been on the fashion hot list for a couple of seasons, and there’s no surprise that it still remains. A hot look we have been seeing around the San Diego club scene is dark denim with v-neck cut shirts. It is simple, with lines that accentuate the arms and neck lines. Word to the wise: don’t go with the super low V or you’ll look foolish. Leave the cleavage accentuating shirts to the girls. No one wants to see that.

Photo by Jorge.correa via Flickr

Photo by Jorge.correa via Flickr

Cold out? We may have to make you work for this one. Visit local vintage shops around SD and look for older looking leather jackets. Anything military style is definitely a plus, but “worn by my dad and passed down to me” works too. It adds a rugged manly feel to the clean cut lines we will be seeing. You can find these styles for more expensive numbers in department stores, but why spend money on something that looks used, when you can find used jackets at vintage store for a quarter of the price?


For men that must wear suits to work for professional reasons, I’m sure you get very excited when temps drop, since it means you won’t be sweating your behind off on your lunch break. The suit has undergone a little color correction this season, making the dual-shaded look a must have for men that care about what’s hot (which you’d be surprised, there are a lot). Blues and grey’s work the best, but you start with a dark, let’s say blue, suit. Pair it with a lighter shade blue button up underneath, and then a tie that matches your suit to top it off. Walla! You boys don’t know how easy you have it!

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