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The San Diego Entertainer & Lifestyles Magazine prides itself with providing readers with the most up to date entertainment and lifestyle news. After receiving requests for help and education from readers like you, we’ve expanded coverage into the financial sector and now we are pleased to announce a new addition to the Entertainer family, attorney R. Michael Walters.

After searching for a prominent California attorney to answer reader questions and concerns, we were please to come across one of the best: Attorney R. Michael Walters of the Law Firm of Walters & Ward.

The tumultuous economy sheds light on common concerns, including how to better provide for the future. Mike Walters is a leading speaker on the subject and has helped tens of thousands of people better understand the intricacies of proper planning. Mike will continue to provide legal advisories in the areas of estate planning and how you can protect yourself and your family from not having the right documents in place.

Mike Walters is a preeminent California Attorney specializing in the area of estate planning, including but not limited to wills, living trusts, probate, and much more. Michael is widely recognized as one of the premier wills and trusts specialists in the San Diego area, helping over 22,000 clients, many of whom are in Southern California. He has been seen on The Leeza Gibbons show twice, acted as a commentator for the NBC Television News in San Diego, hosted his own radio show, Law Talk with R. Michael Walters on KSDO 1130 AM and has written many articles in legal and other publications. Recently you may have seen him on San Diego Living on Channel 6 or heard him on the radio on KCBQ’s Real Talk.

Mike Walters is a prominent speaker in the area of estate planning, offering weekly free workshops on the subject around California. The goal of the workshops is to educate on critical topics that will allow one to make intelligent decisions for the future. He shares his 35 years of experience and a unique teaching style with workshop attendees so they can truly understand how to properly protect themselves and their loved ones. Visit for a schedule of upcoming workshops. Find one near you and register today.

Attorney Mike Walters will contribute to the Entertainer through weekly video features on various subjects including estate planning. Mike Walters understands the importance of having an estate plan in place. Did you know that a having a comprehensive estate plan is the only way to remove the possibility of probate, which could cost thousands of dollars and take years? It will also allow you to specify the disposition of your assets, so they go to whom you wish. You can make certain that you have control of your health care decisions in the event you become incapacitated. And possibly most important, a proper estate plan will allow you to specify who will care for your minor children.

People who ignore these issues put undeserved hardship on their loved ones. The first step in protecting yourself is through education.

This week’s legal advisory focuses on the Death Tax. Yes, there may soon be a tax for dying.

In 2011 the government may pass a bill that would mean a death tax of 55% will be owed to the government. There are opportunities for exemption for a limited group of people, but that doesn’t mean you cannot reduce what you will owe. Instead of 55%, how does 0% sound? Mike Walters will explain all of this and much more at an upcoming free workshop. For dates and times or to sign up, visit and register for a free workshop today.

Want to know more? Continue to check back for information on trusts, wills, probate, guardianship, and much more. Mike Walters will answer all you need to know about revocable living trusts, how to avoid probate, why you should have a General Durable Power of Attorney and a Health Care Directive. Do you want to reduce future taxes? Mike will explain that as well.

For additional information, visit or call the Walters & Ward Law Firm at 1-877-779-9729. The staff is available and willing to schedule a consultation with an attorney. The best part is, Walters & Ward believes in the power of education and will never charge to talk to a lawyer.

San Diego resident for over 10 years, I now call this beautiful city home. Originally from the Bay Area, I'm a California girl at heart. I love the outdoors, fitness, food, and a good craft beer (from San Diego of course).

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