Fall Fashion Trend: Jeggings

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Just when you thought there weren’t any new fashion trends this season other than sky- high stilettos and hair extensions, along comes jeggings.

You say what? Jeggings are the combination of skin tight leggings and jeans that are the latest must-have fashion trend this fall.

Everyone from singers and celebrities to moms will be sporting jeggings that look a lot like tights. If you like to wear skin-tight leggings, as well as jeans, then this is the fashion trend you have been waiting for. There are some things to bare in mind though should you decide to don a pair of jeggings:

First, make sure the fit is appropriate. Yes, they should fit tightly; however, they should not accentuate certain body parts that you don’t want accentuated. They should be snug, fit tight around the calves so they can be tucked into boots and make sure they are overall comfortable.

Next, when you pair jeggings up with a top, you will most definitely want to wear something that covers your behind. Think long T-shirts or sweaters that cover the rump and the hip areas. You can also layer your tops with T-shirts or camisoles under longer shirts and sweaters to create a fun, flirty look. Unless you are super skinny and like showing off your lower half, then be sure to add a long shirt of some sort when sporting jeggings.

Fashionistas and trendwatchers can find jeggings in an array of fabrics and colors ranging from high priced to low priced. There are big name designers who have added jeggings to their fall collections for big prices that are well over the $100.00 price tag. However, if you are on a budget, you can still get the look. Head to places like Wal-Mart, TJ Maxx, Marshall’s and other discount stores where you should be able to find knock-offs of high-end jeggings for cheap.

Remember, while jeggings might be this season’s fashion must-have, don’t buy too many pairs because chances are, they will be out of style next year.

In the meantime buy a pair or two. Like jeans and a black dress, they too go with everything. Enjoy them with your favorite shirt, sweater or sweatshirt on casual weekends or around town.

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