Deepak Chopra’s 7 Spiritual Laws of Success

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One of the greatest things about beginning a new year is the opportunity for a fresh start. 2010 can become one of the best years of your life if you are open and receptive to all things that are positive. Finding a spiritual path is the first step to true freedom and finding success.

Photo from Yodel Ancedotal via Flickr

Photo from Yodel Ancedotal via Flickr

One of my favorite spiritual teachers is Deepak Chopra, MD. He is the founder of the Chopra Center in Carlsbad. He has written many books including: The Path to Love, Perfect Health and The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. Chopra has given many TV interviews on PBS and Larry King Live. Deepak Chopra is known for his ability to translate the ancient life science called Ayurveda, “the knowledge of life,” ( to the modern language our society understands. He uses supportive evidence from western medicine to supplement his explanations of spiritual life. Chopra’s spiritual teachings are very practical and address many of the issues that people face in western society.

The past few years, especially 2009, were very difficult for people in America as well as the rest of the world. It is now time for each person to take responsibility and claim the health, happiness, peace and success that is their spiritual right. Deepak Chopra has taught that success can be actualized through the spiritual path by instilling The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. I have applied these laws in my own life and have seen the miraculous unfolding of spiritual success.


“The source of all creation is pure consciousness.” Chopra explains that creativity is birthed from silence and meditation. He teaches the importance of “the gap,” moments of simply being, where thoughts cease. There must be a time to experience a sense of stillness so that the organizing powers of the universe can methodically create a plan of action for goals to materialize.


“The universe operates through dynamic exchange.” In order to receive, one must give. Deepak Chopra says that an abundant river awaits those that are willing to be charitable. He explains that it is important to give no matter how small. He shares examples of giving to others things like cards, flowers, a pleasant thought or prayer. He also talks about the importance of monetary giving as a way to ignite the flow of energy.

KARMA (Cause and Effect)

“Every action creates an energy that returns to us in like kind.” This, he says, is true of both positive and negative actions. Based on ancient teachings, Deepak claims that the universe has a perfect accounting system and that no debt goes unpaid. People essentially reap what they sow. It is never too late to begin harvesting seeds of goodness, happiness and love.


“Through the forces of harmony, joy and love, we create success and fortune with effortless ease.” The spiritual laws take time to take effect. Accepting the moment as it is rather than how it “should” be is the first part of this law. The second is taking responsibility for situations and actions rather than blaming others. And last, being defenseless and relinquishing the need to defend your point of view.


“Intention and desire in the field of pure potentiality has infinite organizing powers.” Deepak expresses the power of desire coupled with right intentions. Chopra says that a person should list their desires, meditate on them and release them to the “womb of creations.” He claims that if a person does this, they will received even greater benefits that what they could have conceived of on their own. Obstacles will derail the attention from the desires and are to be banished from the mind. If a person’s goals are in line with those that benefit the greater good, of say, mankind in some way, desire becomes the fuel and right intention becomes the power. Together, this turns into a magnanimous force of creation, making anything possible.


“Surrender ourselves to the creative mind that orchestrates the dance of the universe.” This is one of the most beautiful of the laws and simultaneously the most difficult. Society has conditioned people to hold on to things for fear of losing them. However, in the spiritual plane, fear must become obsolete. A person is to realize the illusion of fear and know that they possess nothing and that everything, just, is. When people are attached to things, it kindles fear. If a person “loses” something they are attached to, the feeling of mourning begins to ensue. However a person experiences freedom when they are no longer attached to the outcome of a result. Acceptance of surrender is a key to allowing energy to flow through, which will bring people closer to their goals.

DHARMA (Life Purpose)

“Everyone has a purpose in life, a unique gift or special talent to give others.” When people begin to understand the value that their life brings to this earth, they will learn to unlock the porthole to their Dharma or life purpose. Life must have a purpose. Goals are the mere signposts of the journey towards that purpose. The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success is designed to assist a person or a seeker on their path to Dharma.

Deepak Chopra teaches that success can be reached by understanding the basic human needs and following the laws of nature. Life is greater than what we think we know. If we take the time to respect life and the universe, we will begin to “see” beyond the surface and break past the mirage that surrounds us. Goals are insignificant without a purpose. Finding a life purpose and using goals to achieve it, brings a profound sense of meaning into your life.

Deepak Chopra, through his seminars, books and audio tapes has become my personal guru. For those that are interested, Deepak Chopra is scheduled to speak in Carlsbad, on February 26th. Deepak’s teachings are a wonderful perspective to incorporate into your life no matter what the origins of your beliefs are. The Chopra Center,, offers many workshops on spiritual enlightenment. This is a new year and a fresh start to take courage, keep an open mind and an open heart, to achieve Dharma through The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.


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