San Diego Native Carrie Prejean Announces Engagement

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Photo from vrysxy via Flickr

Photo from vrysxy via Flickr

Just when you thought the controversial Carrie Prejean was finally off the news radar, she returns; this time by announcing her engagement to an NFL quarterback and fellow San Diegan.

Unless you’ve been living in a closet (like I have), you know Prejean achieved fame by speaking out against same sex marriage at the Miss USA Pageant, which she claimed cost her the title. She then became even more outspoken on the issue, showing up everywhere until an alleged sex tape surfaced. In addition, she was sued by Miss USA Pageant organizers because they claimed she failed to pay back money she was loaned for breast augmentation surgery. On top of that, she had a very toxic interview on national TV (via Larry King). After that interview, she seemed to have all but disappeared.

Now Prejean, 22, has announced that she and Kyle Boller, quarterback for the Saint Louis Rams, have gotten engaged. Prejean apparently began dating Boller in July, right in the middle of the wackiness.

The couple has strong ties to San Diego. Prejean graduated from Vista High School and Kyle Boller has a home in San Diego where he spends the off-season. Ya’ can’t blame him for choosing San Diego over Saint Loius in the winter, that’s for sure. As for choosing Ms. Prejean, she may prove to be a handful…

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