Best Workout Apps That Actually Give Results

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A lot of us aren’t the gym or group class goers. There are a lot of fun and effective apps to choose from to do a workout in the comfort of your own home. Since it’s an app, you are able to choose the time of when your at home class starts and ends, no limits or scheduled times to deal with.

You are also able to set up weekly goals that you would like to reach and choose the best app that fits your level of interest and workout of your liking. It’s a new year and starting fresh with your fitness goals can be achieved with a little motivation and discipline. Kick out the gym if you are not into it and try these apps to get your butt into shape in 2017!


This is a great interactive application that suits just about every level of fitness. It acts as a an ultimate personal trainer with different levels and workouts to choose from which will workout certain areas of your preference such as: Cardio, Arms, Abs, Legs, and even offers circuit training in the mix. It is fully loaded with 100+ workouts, clear audio, and visual guidance to show you how to perform the moves and most importantly it is a FREE application!

Here is the link to download the app via Android or Apple platform of your choice: NIKE + TRAINING CLUB


Cardio is a big part of exercise and can be a fun (most of the time) way to burn calories and sweat off any stress you may be dealing with. If you like running, jogging, or are a big hiker you will absolutely love MapMyRun. You can track miles ran, walked, or hiked. It is also interactive with social media so you can share your results with friends and family. 

Think of it as your personalized running diary, offering tracking, time logs, daily activity, and calories burned, and that can all be done while you’re listening to your favorite tunes, on the phone, and going about your daily routines.

Check out this link to download the app: MAP MY RUN


Who doesn’t love Yoga? It is healthy and beneficial to all ages and can help release stress. It is a great way to start your day which can include daily meditation to ease pains and stresses that we all deal with in our day to day lives.

Yoga Wake Up is a fun and interactive app that is an AUDIO only app that offers on-demand yoga, stretching or meditation sequences that can also be used in place of an alarm clock.

Download the app now here: Yoga Wake Up By Kamala Collective


Kate Hudson is a well known actress in Hollywood and Co-Founder of Fabletics. She and her Co-Founders Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg started Fabletics with the thought in mind to provide clients with stylish and affordable but comfortable workout gear. The company has grown immensely since it started in 2013. They make their site fun to pick our your next workout outfit by giving you a quick pop quiz to determine what type of style suits your personality and what is most comfortable to and the type of workouts that will go hand and hand together.

I personally have a little collection of Yoga and Pilates outfits from Fabletics and not only is it the most comfortable workout gear I own but have received many compliments on how cute it is! Working out makes you feel strong and confident. With Fabletics gear you will not only look good but feel confident in any of your next workouts.

Check out some of their gear: Fabletics Workout Activewear

Not only is it super convenient to have these apps available for a fun and good workout from your home but with yoga, running, hiking, or even pilates you can take these apps to the beach, park, hike, and be able to workout outside. It’s a New Year, focus on making it a healthier one for not only yourself but your friends and family as well.

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