An introduction to our “Single Girl in San Diego” series

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Our resident relationship expert

Blue collar man … I’ve dated him. White collar … him too. Guy in a band … actor … nerd … rapper … philanthropist … student … athlete. As you can see, I’ve dated them all, but I’m still just a single girl in San Diego.

I’m here to answer questions that us single people ponder over every day; such as, is a man really too tired to have sex, or does friends with benefits still exist … you know when you’re almost 30 years old. Join me on my quest of meeting losers, scumbags, douche bags, and of course too many military men, as I search for my prince charming here in the wonderful city of San Diego.

Email me at with questions about dating, love, sex, whatever you like, and I’ll be sure to answer them personally. Can’t wait to meet all my beautiful San Diegans! Especially the bachelors.

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