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What time is it? HAPPY HOUR!

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Photo from billlutzius via Flickr

Photo from billlutzius via Flickr

In tough economic situations like these, we often find ourselves feeling the need to cut back on recreational luxuries such as dining out and having a few drinks at the bar with some friends. But I say in tight financial times, there is even more reason to glorify and take advantage of the best time of day: happy hour! Happy hours are practically the salvation of the middle class after a long day at work. The hours may vary from restaurant to bar, but regardless of the designated time, you’re always guaranteed a good time with some good eats and drinks.

In Pacific Beach, there is an abundance of restaurants and bars that offer happy hour specials all week long. Whether you’re in the mood for some burgers, tapas, or Long Islands, there’s always something for your taste and preference. When you’re salavating for that American burger and beer, make sure to stop by Bareback Grill on Mission Blvd for their Happy Hour specials everyday from 6-11pm. They have a different Happy Hour special for each day of the week, and the choices vary from ½ off pitchers, buy a pitcher of beer and get a free burger, and a “U Order It, We Pour It” special on Fridays from 6pm-close.

Craving that Mexican flavor? Costa Brava Spanish Restaurant has Happy Hour specials everyday from 4-7pm that offer ½ price sangria and $2-$5 tapas that you won’t feel guilty for indulging in, diet-wise and money-wise.

Photo by liber via Flickr

Photo from liber via Flickr

PB Bar & Grill has permanently cemented itself as the hot spot for college kids on Thursday nights, but to attract the older nine-to-five crowd, they’ve also got a daily happy hour from 4-8pm with some $3 wells, wines, and draft beer, $3 off all appetizers, $3 margaritas on the rocks, and $2.50 Beers of the Month.

Another staple of the happy hour diet, of course, is the chicken wing. Pizza Port, a favorite haunt of the urban crowd, is known for their wide array of delicious pizzas, as well as beers on tap and 35 cent chicken wings and cheese sticks on Wednesday nights. Before you wrestle with another chicken wing, be sure to check out the video below to learn how to properly eat a chicken wing.

Yardhouse, another popular eatery located in the heart of downtown San Diego boasts an impressive, wide variety of beers both bottled and on tap– from domestic brews such as Budweiser to imports such as Stella Artois. Yardhouse has its happy hour every night from 3-6pm and 10pm-midnight that offers select half-priced appetizers and pizzas and specials on martinis and beer that make it hard to resist late-night munching.

No matter where you are in San Diego or what your stomach is craving, there is guaranteed to be a hot spot with an equally hot happy hour to satisfy even the most gluttonous of appetites.

“He that drinks strong beer, And goes to bed mellow, Lives as he ought to live, And dies a hearty fellow” – 17th century English drinking song

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