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Street Scene is here, how should I get there?

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Provided by 'teamperks' via Flickr

Provided by 'teamperks' via Flickr

Street Scene is finally here San Diego, and it is going to be two days of music, fun, and excitement that any can enjoy. Taking place in San Diego’s historical Gas Lamp District, Street Scene is bursting out in full force. Many large bands from all over the country and the world, will be performing at the prestigious event this Friday and Saturday. Thousands are expected to be in attendance to enjoy the two day event. There will be plenty of fun in the sun, and debauchery in the night, with bars, food, and nightclubs located all around.

Becoming one of San Diego’s largest musical venues, Street Scene always draws a large crowd. Which presents the question, how will traffic be, the parking situation, and what is the best way to get down to the event?

For anyone who knows downtown San Diego you know that on Friday and Saturday nights, parking is all ready an issue. Now, add Street Scene to that equation, and parking issues are multiplied. Well don’t worry my musical compadre, there are a lot of options one has when considering transportation.

The first, and most obvious way to get to the event, would be to drive your own vehicle. Despite its convenience, the issues with self-transportation number in the many. Traffic will undoubtedly be atrocious, parking will be slim to none, and the exit strategy for this plan can rival that of the greatest feats. If you are still not convinced in abandoning your idea of driving , well here are a few suggestions. Rather than driving straight into downtown, park in the outskirts of the city. Areas such as North Park, Golden Hills, Hillcrest, Balboa Park, University Heights, and much more are well within the range of the city.

After you have parked get your local taxi number and give them a ring. Tell them your location and the amount of taxi’s you need to take you to the event. This solution not only alleviates all the said above problems, it also offers a chance encounter with one of San Diego’s awesome cabbies. You guys know what I’m talking about, that cabbie that hollers at all the women, and chats your ear off about the ladies in double D”s.

All in all you’ll probably pay around 22 dollars for transportation there and back, but it is well worth it.

Provided by ' San Diego Shooter' via Flickr

Provided by ' San Diego Shooter' via Flickr

Now, for the people that live close to downtown or want another mode of transportation, the MTS is your knight and shining armor. The MTS offers bus transportation, as well as San Diego’s renowned trolley system, which just won an award for outstanding service. These two routes will guarantee quick and easy access to the event without question.

Both the bus and trolley drop off right into the heart of the Gas Lamp, and are substantially cheaper than self-transport. The trolley cost 2.50 for a single travel or 5 dollars for a round-trip, the bus is around the same price as well. Time, and the obvious money issue make these two options the best in The Entertainers opinion. Besides you can people watch and enjoy the spectacle that is the transport system. Also you can catch all the drunks heading home to get that awesome Cali burrito, and you can bond on the splendors of Mexican food.

Whatever you choose, don’t drive, especially if you are going to drink. Be safe and be smart, because you can’t party when you’re knee deep in the piss ridden county jail. So enjoy your fun, but don’t be that person searching for parking for 2 hours and miss all your bands because you didn’t listen to The Entertainer. If are that person Godspeed my friend, and see you on Monday when you find parking.


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