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Concert footage from the North Park Music Thing

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The Entertainer video team wrapped up a great weekend at the North Park Music thing by filming some of the shows at various venues around North Park. Here’s some of what we got:


These guys are a a piano-heavy rock group out of Oceanside. They’ve got a few upcoming gigs you should check out:

  • 08.21 — Yesterday Magazine launch party @ the Ruby Room (8pm)
  • 08.26 — 4th & B (10pm)
  • 08.28 — Queen Bee Cultural Center (8pm, all ages)
  • 09.10 — San Diego Muzak Awards @ Viejas Casino (8pm)

More videos after the jump:


A powerpop/alt rock outfit from San Diego, check out Pensive’s upcoming shows in the area:

  • 08.20 — “The Night of 700 Shows” at the Gap @ UTC (8pm, all ages)
  • 09.12 — Another Channel 1225 Pensive Event @ Channel 1225 El Cajon (6pm, all ages)


The Silent Comedy are one of our city’s biggest up-and-coming bands. They are currently having a contest called “Mustache Mayham” to help the band raise money to record, mix and master their new record.

From the band: Join us at The Casbah on Friday, September 11th!!! If you can only make it to one Silent Comedy show, MAKE IT THIS ONE!!!

Also, Vote for the Silent Comedy in the “Best Pop” category at this year’s San Diego Music Awards at www.sandiegomusicawards.com


Billed as San Diego’s hottest rock trio, Circa Now have released a new record which FM 94/9 considers one of its local recommendations. Be sure to keep an eye on this band…


Another San Diego outfit, they were nominated for “Best New Artist” at the 2007 San Diego Music Awards. They’ve even been endorsed from rocker god Perry Farrel himself!

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