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Do You Have What It Takes to Escape these Top San Diego Escape Rooms?

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Escape rooms are an up and coming way to have a little bit of fun with a group of friends, coworkers, or even strangers. They offer a little bit of a thrill, it’s a great way to meet new people, and they encourage communication skills. Typically, escape room puzzles last an hour and involve gathering clues and solving puzzles as the clock winds down. Escape rooms are a great way to hone problem solving skills (this is why they’re often used as team building events for workplaces) and discover the personalities of your buddies. San Diego has a lot of escape rooms to choose from. Here’s a few of our favorites:

Enigma HQ

Enigma HQ is a unique escape room experience located on the border of Little Italy and Downtown. Enigma HQ takes the room escape concept to the next level by combining story-based puzzles, cinematic video and effects with immersive physical environments.

In each mission, you and your team have one hour to complete your objectives in a story-driven environment where your actions change the world around you. This involves finding clues, making deductions, following the story and doing puzzles.

Enigma HQ is currently offering The Lazarus Crystal Mission, where you and your team investigate and recover a mysterious crystal stolen by an ex-Enigma HQ agent. After your mission is complete (whether your team succeeds or fails) you’ll take part in a green screen photo op! The photo op is another feature that sets Enigma HQ apart in the escape room game.

Cost: Can be as low as $25 a person. Enigma HQ has a sliding scale based on the number of people. The more people in your group, the less per person.

Address: 1446 Front St. San Diego, CA, 92101

Escape Game SD

Locked in a room in Hillcrest, you and your friends will have 60 minutes to decrypt all the codes and assemble the clues to discover the way out. Escape Game SD currently offers three different puzzles for you and your buddies to solve.

Japanese Thriller Room: This game is set in the abandoned apartment of the infamous Japanese serial killer, Futoshi Matsunaga, who inspired Japanese thrillers like The Ring and The Grudge. Escape the place where victims fell prey to torturous atrocities and are now said to haunt the apartment.

Superheroes Adventure: You and your group of superheroes have been locked in a room by a villain. You have an hour to escape before a bomb detonates inside the room. Can you solve the clues in time to escape or will you be destroyed?

Wizards and Spells: You and your friends will enter the Enchanted Grounds of the Select Dozen, a school of wizardry for the elite few. Beat Professor Wolfgang Lupus in a race across the school grounds in your entrance exam to the school. Grab your wand and cast a spell, try to get out before the bell.

Whether you decide to escape a serial killer, try your hand at being superhero, or be a whimsical wizard, Escape Game SD is a great way for you and your friends to spend an hour.

Cost: Price is as low as $29 per person. If you book fewer than nine people in your room, other groups may book the remaining slots.

Address: 3956 4th Ave. San Diego, CA, 92103

Great Room Escape San Diego

The Zombie Lab: You and your friends are locked in the lab with the late Dr. Leitl, now turned Zombie! With only one hour to save your group and escape, your challenge is to follow the clues before being contaminated. As time grows shorter, the chain of the Zombie grows longer and you are at risk of being tagged by the Zombie and quarantined from the rest of the group. Follow the clues left by the scientists to save your group!

Houdini’s Hidden Workshop: We’ve all heard of Houdini, the Grand Master of Illusion and the greatest escape artist of all time. After his departure, Houdini’s soul became trapped between two worlds. You must help his widow Bess reach him with a Séance and follow his clues so that you can find his hidden workshop. You and your group have just 60 short minutes set yourselves and Houdini’s soul free!​

Forbidden Aztec Temple: The ancient Aztec Temple that you and your group were exploring seems to be collapsing! You realize that you may have just sealed your fate and could potentially be trapped here for eternity. Can you and your group band together, outsmart booby-traps and escape this Forbidden Aztec Temple with your lives, before time runs out?

Cost: Ticket Prices: $34.95 per person

Address: 424 Market St. San Diego, CA, 92101

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