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March Comedy in San Diego: Comedians Who Put Their Laughs on the Line

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This month is lit with amazing comedy routines. And thank God. With political posts that just won’t quit, we could all use a good laugh. Step away from the computer for a night and enjoy some live entertainment from folks who are willing to put their laughs on the line.

American Comedy Co.

March 3rd-5th : Dave Attell

Dave is a lifetime New York resident who started his comedy routine in the 80’s. In 2001 he hosted a show on Comedy Central called “Insomniac with Dave Attell”, and eventually travelled to other countries with it. Two out of three of his upcoming shows at the ACC are sold out, so grab tickets to the last SD showing before it’s sold out!

March 23rd-25th : Brian Posehn 

You maybe recognize him from hit show New Girl, or one of the longest running comedy shows, The Big Bang Theory. Brian Posehn has been the voice of a Simpson’s character, co-writer to the Deadpool comic, and the host of a podcast called Nerd Poker–just to name a few. This comedian knows how to make people laugh from all different platforms, and for a limited time you can catch him at the ACC for half price!

Photo Credit: Anthony Citrano, Flickr-Creative Commons

La Jolla Comedy Store

March 2nd -4th : Candice Thompson & Mal Tall

Candice and Mal perform a double act throughout the weekend, bringing their individual experiences and humor to the stage. They perform together on a regular basis, which you can tell by their onstage chemistry. Mal Tall is a San Diego local who now resides in L.A., so welcome him home by attending his show!

March 10th & 11th : Bret Ernst  

Bret Ernst has a way of relating to people all across America, well, because he’s lived all across America. Born in New Jersey, spent his teen years in Florida, enjoyed the New York life during college, and now has planted in Los Angeles. You may hear in his routine about who he hated serving at his old restaurant jobs, about his ‘crazy lady’ babysitter, or about an outrage over orange juice prices.

San Diego Theatres

March 18th : Jay and Silent Bob Get Old 

Be part of a live podcast recording with the film-stars, Jay and Silent Bob! The number 1 comedy podcast on iTunes proves that the material of Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes (the real names of Jay and Silent Bob) is worth carving a night out for. The duo is sharing their story of getting old, and what it’s like to grow up being a Hollywood icon. This is a one-time opportunity that you will kick yourself for if you miss.

March 23rd : Haters Roast – The Shady Tour 

The Shady Tour is unlike any other comedy show you’ve ever seen. The queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race owns the stage, letting provocative comedy from politics to social media to romance fill the room. Prepare for some adult content from some sassy ‘sisters.’ Pay a little extra and get floor seating, autographed posters, and a photo with the Queens themselves.
Add some comedy to your calendar this month, and give your abs a workout!

Photo Credit: Daniel Dudek, Flickr-Creative Commons

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