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Jersey Shore Mike “The Situation” Does San Diego!

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Over the weekend Jersey Shore’s own Mike Sorrentino a.k.a. “The Situation” did San Diego. The bronzed reality star made appearances at a few San Diego hot spots.


Snooki & Mike "The Situation"

Welcome to the West Coast! On Friday Mike “The Situation” made it into Stingaree with his posse to host the The Guido & Guidette Ball. Club-goers were to dressed in their best Jersey Shore attire for the themed blow out. One eye witness reports that they barely saw any attempts at Snooki look-a-likes. Which would consist of heavy eye make-up and hair poof.

“The Situation” started in the DJ booth on the VIP level, then moved around the club. There was very heavy security surrounding Mike, with speculations that local non-bronzed gentlemen may start trouble. As “The Situation” made his way downstairs, then back to the roof top, it was a pretty mellow night at Stingaree. Lest the usual chaos that is having someone like Jamie Foxx at the club.

Any local San Diegan’s who were disappointed that Mike “The Situation” didn’t bring the fist-pumping action they had hoped for on Friday at Stingaree still had a chance! Without fret, fans could catch the Jersey Shore Bar West Party on Saturday.

The only report  from San Diegan’s we have from Bar West on Saturday was that Mike “The Situation” is pretty short.

Jersey Shore has been a hot topic since its debut on MTV this Fall. Especially that Mike “The Situation”, has worked on a stripper tour called the “All American Male” in 2004. The ladies who have experienced “The Situation” admit that he gives a great lap dance.

The show follows the reality of eight Italian Guido’s and Guidette’s living in a Jersey Shore house. For those that have been living on the West Coast too long to understand the East Coast phenomenon that is “Guido”:

Guido: Carries the connotation of a person who is humorously uncultured and has a thuggish and overtly macho attitude and an unyielding pride in his Italian ancestry. Common in Northeast areas such as Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, New Jersey, South Philadelphia, Baltimore, Boston, Rhode Island and Southwest Connecticut.

Guidette: The female counterpart to the guido.

The pop culture stereotype is a juiced, fake-tanned Italian gu, often wearing Ed Hardy, sparkly belts and deeply in touch with grooming and cleanliness. It is understood that the Guidette and Guido like anything shiny.

cast pic

The cast members work at a T-Shirt vendor on the pier in order to stay in the house, but that is little of what you’ll see on the show. And of course, the house is lavish, just like you would see on any MTV reality production.

They enjoy great  parties every night where the Grey Goose and hair gel flow. Alcohol is always at hand, with all the cast member’s having “moments.” From physical fights on the board walk, to steamy roommate hook-ups, the show is what you would expect from first glance. Drama and reality TV at its best are portrayed in MTV’s Jersey Shore.

The overnight popularity has landed all the cast member’s lucrative promotional gigs.

Now you can have your own guido party! Pauly D or Mike “The Situation” are available for $7,500 appearances. Snooki is a bit less expensive at $2,000 plus travel costs.

Most recently, the crew, including “The Situation” has gotten love from MTV The Hills reality star Kristin Cavallari. It is looking good to be tanned for “The Situation.”

On the show, “The Situation” gets into a lot of sticky situations, bringing home various ladies from the clubs. From an outside perspective, Jersey Shore resembles the Pacific Beach, CA scene. Minus the mass amount of blondes and add more self tanner, then mix with Ed Hardy and Grey Goose. The perfect concoction for reality TV addiction.

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