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New Years and DJ Here Productions

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DJhere Presents New Years Eve 2010 from DJhere Productions on Vimeo.

Photo Provided by SD Entertainer

Photo Provided by SD Entertainer

For anyone in San Diego or even in the world, New Years Eve holds a special place in our hearts. New Years represents more than just an avenue to drink and celebrate with friends and companions alike. It is a day that marks another year passed in the growth of humanity and the growth of an individual. A prestigious event like this one deserves to be celebrated with top-notch quality and an engagement that will make you remember that day for the years and the year to come. In order to fulfill such a need, the one and only place to go to is DJ Here Productions and the events they throw in our lovely city.

Recently, I had the great privilege of attending a New Years Eve party thrown by DJ Here Productions at the San Diego Marriott on the Bay, and what a party it was.

The beautiful light work of the Marriott could be seen from the Gaslamp Quarters and the soon to be party goers we are flocking to what was to be one of the liveliest party’s on that New Years Eve. Taxis pulled up to the front door and people dressed in their Sundays best came oozing out onto the scene. Approaching the main entrance, the slow drumming of the bass could be heard over the chatter of the attendees. The music started to pump the blood of the crowd, and the talented DJ’s that were scheduled to play fulfilled a promise of constant music that kept the party going.

Making it to the entrance you are overwhelmed by an influx of beautiful women and an ambiance that has an infinite capacity to fulfill your wildest dreams. You enter and it is there that you realize “yes, tonight is going to be a good night!”

DJ Here Productions are obviously an organization that knows what they are doing, and are no slouches when it comes to planning holiday bashes of epic proportion. They had everything in order at the event and before. A website that pitched the event and an ability to also purchase tickets. They had security set, DJ’s ready, and a location all set in stone. If you were ever looking to go to something great on the next New Years this would be the promotion company to Google when you are looking. But, buy your tickets ahead of time because they do go fast and also the price rises accordingly to the proximity to the event. In other words the longer you wait the less likely you are to get a ticket and a cheap ticket at that.

Photo Provided by SD Entertainer

Photo Provided by SD Entertainer

While on the premise of pricing, here comes the all-important factor of the drink contingency. The alcoholic beverages that are served at the event are priced surprisingly low. A Jack and coke, Kettle One and Tonic, and a Margarita cost an astonishing low 26 dollars. Most may be saying,” that’s not cheap at all”, but you have to consider this. It’s Downtown and New Years Eve and anything that costs below 30 dollars for three drinks is like finding a dive bar that sells $3.50 Makers on the rocks. All in all the pricing beat most of what I’ve been to in Downtown even on an off night.

In the end if you’re looking for a good time that is going to make you remember a day, especially one like New Years, than DJ Here Productions is the place to go. They have great DJ’S, great staff, a comfortable surrounding, moderately priced drinks, and beautiful women as well. So when you are planning for this 2010 look no further, and go knocking on the door of DJ Here Productions.

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