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Get Motivated Business Seminar Brings Big Names to San Diego

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For those who didn’t have a chance to attend, this week’s GET MOTIVATED Seminar at the Valley View Casino (and via satellite at the San Diego Convention Center) was a blockbuster success.

The Seminar’s ad promoting the one-day event promised to “sharpen your business skills, ignite your motivation, accelerate your effectiveness and increase your income!” and the list of speakers was extensive.

Tickets ranged from $1.95 up to $100 per ticket, and over 15,000 people paid to hear Bill Cosby, Rudy Giuliani, Steve Forbes, Joe Montana, Colin Powell, Howard Putnam, Krish Dhanam and Lou Holtz.

Conference attendees were arriving as early as 7:00 am Tuesday morning at the Valley View Casino, ready for a full day. Each of these speakers could have had their own venue and yet they came together to encourage San Diegans to “Get Motivated, Get Educated and Get Ahead” during this time of economic transition.

First up was Steve Forbes who took the stage as fireworks lit up the stage, music pumped and the full house clapped. Forbes spoke about Entrepreneurship and business opportunities saying we don’t have to invent technology, just use it for our business advantage.  We don’t have to create the wheel, just making the wheel look and feel different and creative.  He used Starbucks as an example who sells a common commodity – coffee – in every area of the world and still manage to present it in a way that is appealing to the masses.  Forbes also touched on taxes and politics coming across as very patriotic as some of the crowd shouted: “Steve Forbes for President!”

Over the next few hours we heard some great speakers and one of them got a standing ovation.  That was Colin Powell. Streamers flew and fellow service men and women in our armed forces cheered.

Powell spoke about his life after the White House and said that “followers” were the real means to getting things done. He explained: the leader has the vision and direction but the followers are the ones who carry out the task, making sure it gets done. As leaders, we have to recognize those around us and show appreciation.  He encouraged those gathered Tuesday to be grateful for those who work for them. He mixed humor with real life situations for a powerful speech.

The funniest speech came from Lou Holtz, the championship college coach at Notre Dame.  With his signature lisp he inspired with quotes like “Don’t let others dictate your attitude,” “Behind every success stands a surprised mother-in-law,” “Do right, do everything to the best of your ability and show people you care.”

Holtz  said there are four things in life you must have:  1) something to do 2) someone to love 3) something to believe in and 4) something to hope for.

Attending San Diegans were left with a renewed sense of hope Tuesday as we were all given permission to brush the dust off our dreams and get moving.

Contributed by guest writer Michael Cerulllo, President of the Cerullo Group.

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