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Author Readings in San Diego

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Having a love for literature and attaining a creative outlet is extremely important while trying to maintain your passions. If you have a love for writing or reading, San Diego can provide you with new ways to expand your horizons at literary readings and events. Take time out of your week to find an event that will spark your interest and feel the excitement of hearing someone read their work.

Make your way down the the Warwick’s Bookstore for a plethora of book readings and events.  On October 27th you can attend the California Screamin’ and hear Alexandra Neumeister, Chad Stroup, James Jensen, and Lori R. talk about their new book, along with signing copies. This book peels back layers of the true terror in California, and adds multiple voices to the horror genre. This book tells the tale of a road trip of terror that will make your mind start second guessing certain things.

Also at the Warwick’s Bookstore you can be part of Time for A Heart to Heart: Reflections on Life in the Face of Death by Bob Mitchell who resides in Carlsbad. Mitchell will be signing his new book and discussing at the event, and his memoir is like nothing you’ve ever read.  This book has a never ending message of emotions that involve confessions, humor, and nostalgia. Mitchell went through sickness of cancer this last year and writing has been the escape that turned into a mater piece. Come hear his incredible story on October 30th as he shares stories about his strength and the message of his book.

Another incredible event that will be held at the Warwick’s Bookstore will be on November 8th, with the reading of  Slow Medicine. This book shows the experience of Victoria Sweet and her 20 years of experience being a physician in San Francisco. This book discusses the importance of health, and shows readers how healing should work. She shares the experiences of doctors, nurses, and patients that she has encountered and their incredible journeys. She argues that the world needs fast acting medicine, along with slower medicine depending on medical needs because no two people are the same.

On November 12th you can join Edith Eger and hear her reading of The Choice, located at the Schulman Auditorium at Carlsbad City Library.  Eger is a psychologist and her memoir shows her memories at the concentration camps during the Holocausts. She shares her personal experience and also writes about healing and forgiveness. She speaks of being positive and how we all have prisons inside of our minds that hold us back. She also speaks of the different phases that go along with healing and how our personal lives can effect our mind and “prisons”.  Join her as she speaks of her incredible journey and how she overcame, while including her practice of psychology into the book as well.

Get involved in the community of literature in your very own hometown, and hear the stories and experiences that these authors have faced.

"When asked, 'How do you write?' I invariably answer, 'one word at a time.'"-Stephen King

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