Thirsty Thursday: Soju Mule from Common Theory Public House

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Our favorite day of the week is Thursday, and we hope our readers agree. For this Thirsty Thursday, we ventured out to a new location, Common Theory Public House. We met with one of the finest mixologists in all of San Diego, Cody, and he shared the secret ingredients and simple steps needed to make Common Theory Public House’s special “Strawberry Seoul Mule.”

First, you need to know the ingredients one needs in order to create the tasty strawberry flavored mule. In order to make the beverage taste to perfection, you’ll need five ingredients: Soju as base spirit, strawberry puree, a couple dashes of bitters, fresh lime juice and ginger beer.

In the video Cody gives us simple step-by-step directions, so that our viewers can make this flavorful drink in the comfort of their own homes. First, you add four ounces of Soju as the base, then add one ounce of lime juice with a couple dashes of bitters, and finally add a couple ounces of the strawberry puree. Before adding ice, Cody stirred the mix of ingredients.

Cody also explains how the drink came to be; it is based off of the typical Moscow Mule found in any local bar, however, there is a Korean twist. It is called the “Seoul” mule because it is the capital of Korea. Instead of using Vodka, Cody uses Soju, which is a common drink in Seoul, Korea.

Cody finishes off his directions to make the drink by topping it off with fresh ice and ginger beer. He also garnished the delectable beverage with a crisp lime.

Do you want to try Cody’s Strawberry Seoul Mule? Make it at home with Cody’s directions in the video below or go visit him at Common Theory Public House.

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