SD Bay Wine & Food Festival at the Marriott Marquis Marina Hotel

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Now that Fall is officially here, we bet you can’t wait for the weather to cool down enough to bring out those scarves and coats. Even if it’s still a bit too warm out there, some of you are already pulling out your Fall wardrobes in anticipation. Well, like all of you, San Diego Entertainer and Lifestyles Television can’t wait to ring in the new season, and have therefore decided to host this month’s show from the Marriott Marquis Marina Hotel. As one of San Diego’s most iconic resorts, resting in the middle of downtown, the Marina Hotel was the perfect setting for us to chat about all of our favorite topics, including food and travel!

The Marriott Marquis Marina Hotel is known all over the city for their tasty gourmet cuisine, made complete by the gorgeous waterfront view. Responsible for their great food is Chef Aron Schwartz, who showed us how to prepare the best butternut squash soup you will ever taste. If you want to impress your friends and family this Fall, while learning all about this impressive chef and his best cooking tips and tricks, make sure to pull out your best cooking utensils and bookmark this month’s episode.

Why was it such a good idea to host this month’s episode at  the Marriott Marquis Marina Hotel? Well, because in the show we told you all about the “San Diego Bay Wine and Food Festival” event, which takes place from November 14 to 18. Overall there are more than 30 events going on at any given time, with 200 wineries, breweries, and spirits from all over the world making their names known. Even more impressive is that over 35% of the event’s participants fly in specially, including culinary geniuses, master sommeliers, and some of California’s most legendary winemakers.

If you’re a fan of wine and food, make sure to check the event out because we’re pretty certain it will be worth your while. You may also want to know that if you decide to attend the event, your entrance fee will be put towards a great cause. More than $240,000 has been put towards scholarships for those interested in studying culinary arts, so you may help the next world’s greatest chef get his or her start! If you’ve been thinking about dabbling yourself, there will be some cooking classes available for you to try out. There will also be wine tasting, reserve tasting, and a celebrity luncheon. Just who will be there? Well, you’ll have to watch to find out. Another reason to tune in is Chef Bernard, who showed us an exclusive preview of what we can all expect at the celebrity luncheon.

If you’re a bit worried about sticking to a diet plan while the “Food and Wine” extravaganza is in town, this month’s episode of E&L TV has you covered. The Sporting Club in San Diego can’t wait to help you stay happy and on plan. The state-of-the-art fitness club is a great answer to all that Halloween candy you snacked on or the holiday feasting that is still yet to come. With top-notch fitness classes and equipment, the Sporting Club allows you to enjoy yourself this holiday season without having to stress about that extra side of mashed potatoes. Also, if you check the episode out, you’ll get some insider tips on how to get and maintain your ideal body.

If you saw our more recent feature on Pat and Wayne Dunlap, these two extraordinary people won’t be much of a shock to you but they’ll still be just as impressive. Make sure to check out this month’s episode of E&L TV because we wanted to remind you of just what this amazing couple has to offer us all in the way of affordable travel. In case you don’t know, Pat and Wayne have become experts on travel, having visiting over 51 countries in the last two years. They’ve been on over 100 trips and taken advantage of every form of transportation you can think of, from trains to cruises. They currently have a blog on the Huffington Post, their own book “Plan Your Escape: Secrets of Traveling the World for Less than the Cost of Living at Home,” and their very own TV show, “Plan Your Escape TV.”

If you haven’t checked this month’s episode out, make sure to spare a few minutes to watch it because you won’t want to miss everything it has to offer!

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