Meet Maya Trabulsi! The Engaging Host of E&L TV

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Every month we bring you a brand new episode of Entertainer and Lifestyles Television, sharing with you all of our favorite San Diego sights and establishments. From luxury cruises to gourmet cuisine, you know that a few minutes spent with us can result in hours of fun and excitement visiting one of our recommendations. However, without our fantastic and charismatic host, Maya Trabulsi, E&L TV just wouldn’t be what it is today.

Maya has certainly led an interesting life thus far, with the future only holding bright prospects and opportunities. Born during difficult times in Beirut, she was raised in Dubai and London, and has traveled all over the world. Through her adventures she has experienced different cultures, people, and adventures, giving her a global view that is unique and broad.

It was her pursuit of a Bachelors of Arts in Media Communications that brought her over to America, eventually leading her to earn a Masters of Arts in Film, Television, and New Media Production. After some time spent working with Channel 4 San Diego as their video editor, Maya took a job in Riverside as the evening news anchor for KZSW/News 27, a CNN affiliate station.

Once she came back to sunny San Diego, she continued working in media and has done voice-overs for commercials, infomercials, and training videos all over the nation, as well as having written scripts for many different media outlets. One of the reasons why she loves hosting Entertainer and Lifestyles Television is because it enables her to explore San Diego’s hidden gems. She discovers new favorites right along with the viewers, making her interviews and commentary even more relatable.

Of course, E&L TV isn’t her only job, as she’s also a loving mother of two children, which is a full-time job in itself. She also loves fitness and enjoys high-intensity training that challenges her body.

To keep up with Maya and her San Diego adventures, make sure to tune into Entertiner and Lifestyles Television every month! You never know what you’ll discover along with this engaging host!

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