Golf Tip #6 With Mike Pitt – Check Point No. 1

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We have been fortunate enough to receive helpful golf tips from Adam Porzak and the Golf Academy to make golfing easier and more enjoyable for our readers. For golf tip #6, we had the pleasure of meeting with Mike Pitt, another elite golfer from the academy, and he shared a tip that aimed to make the golf swing easier. He titled this tip, “Check Point No. 1” and it is one of the most important tips according to the academy.

Watch the inside tip below from Mike Pitt and learn how to strengthen your swing.

To introduce Golf Tip #6, Pitt said, “One of the big things we like to do at the academy is take out moving parts of the golf swing,” which makes it easier to repeat and more dependable. “Check Point No. 1” is a part of the swing that happens in the first three feet, and it is also known as “the take away” to golf enthusiasts. To attain the position of Check Point No. 1, the shaft is parallel to the ground and the toe is slightly down matching the spine angle. Also, the hand is roughly right outside of the pocket. From this position, your club is set and all you need to do is turn your body to complete your golf swing.

Pitt also emphasized that the Porzak Golf Academy works with all different ages, so anyone can learn this tip by putting the effort into it. ‘If you can get that move into your game, it is going to make your golf game that much easier,” concluded Pitt.

For more information regarding the Porzak Golf Academy visit their website to ensure that your golf game continues to get better. You can also get to know the rest of the Porzak team. SD Entertainer will be back with more tips from the academy shortly for our series. Stay tuned.

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