Golf Tip #5 With Adam Porzak: Parent Coaching

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Over the past month, Adam Porzak has provided SD Entertainer and our readers with simple golf tips that make the game easier and more enjoyable. In our series, Golf Tips with Adam Porzak, Adam Porzak has already emphasized the significance of “connection,” and differentiated between swings and puts. This week’s tip came from a different angle and featured Roger Porzak, rather than Adam, and was helpful for parents of young athletes.

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The director of youth development at the Porzak Golf Academy, Roger Porzak, was at the center stage (or should we say, golf course) for the latest golf tip called, “Parent Coaching.” Porzak, who has had years of experience, started out by emphasizing how important a parent’s role is in the future of a junior golfer.

“As a parent, you will play a huge role in the development and success of junior golfer,” he said. “and whether or not they embrace it long term.”  

Porzak gives several tips for parents who already have youth golfers playing or parents who want their children to golf in the future. One of the most important tips he has encourages parents to relinquish pressure off their children by renouncing unnecessary pressure.

In order to release unneeded pressure, Porzak highlights  some simple tactics. Porzak asks parents to refrain from comparing their youth golfers with other youth golfers in the program, considering everyone matures at different ages. Instead, Porzak stresses that parents should focus on what they can control.

There are many ways that parents can steer their children in the right direction, rather than placing unnecessary pressures on them. For example, Porzak notes that parents can give their kids ‘quality instruction” and “properly fitted equipment” to positively support them.

Watch the clip above for Roger Porzak’s helpful advice about parent coaching and stay tuned for the next video in our Golf Tip series with SD Entertainer.

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