Thirsty Thursday: Miss Jackie at barleymash

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The best day of the week is here: it’s Thirsty Thursday!  We have had the pleasure of working with many fantastic mixologists all over San Diego County that are excited to share their secrets to their delicious drinks.  Chris Cheng from barleymash is back again to share one more drink: Miss Jackie.  If you are a fan of fruit, you will definitely want to try this deliciously sweet, summer cocktail.

Chris took us through the steps of making the Miss Jackie.  To create this beautiful drink, you start by slicing a large strawberry into quarters and put it into a tin. Next, add some simple syrup, lemon juice, and Aperol (a bitter orange liqueor).  Don’t forget to add an ounce of gin as well. When all of those ingredients are all in the tin, add some ice and shake the cocktail to mix them all together. Cheng told us that he serves this cocktail in an old fashioned glass over “a nice, big rock.”  When pouring the drink into the glass, Cheng advised that you double strain the drink to ensure none of the strawberry gets into the cocktail. Finally, garnish the cocktail with the zest of a lemon.

“I want to recommend this drink to anyone who wants a strawberry lemonade made with gin,” Chris said.  “Its easy to drink.  It’s not a cocktail that you can only have one or two of, it’s one that you can enjoy out on the patio that we have here at barleymash and drink ten of…but responsibly.”

Please take a minute and watch the video to see how Chris Cheng constructs this cocktail.  If you are anxious to try this drink at home, we have included the full recipe below.  If you are not as confident in your mixology skills, feel free to head on over to barleymash and Chris can make you this tasty cocktail himself.  No matter what you decide, make sure to have some (responsible) fun this Thirsty Thursday!  Tune back in next week to hear about another delicious drink!

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