Get Your Bubble Teas (aka Boba) in SD

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Bubble tea, also known as boba, is a sweet way to cool down during the warmer weather. There’s plenty of unique flavors to try, and finding a favorite is a fun summer chore. Bubble tea has been around for years, and by now there are a lot of great places to grab one in San Diego. A lot of people drink bubble tea without knowing exactly what it is, or what the little spheres floating around in it are made of. The mystery can hold a lot of people back from trying it out, so we’ll fill you in on the secret.

What is bubble tea? Bubble tea (also known as pearl milk tea, bubble milk tea, boba juice or simply boba) is a Taiwanese tea-based drink invented in Taichung in the 1980s. Most bubble tea recipes contain a tea base mixed/shaken with fruit or milk, to which chewy tapioca balls, and fruit jelly are often added. Ice-blended versions are usually mixed with fruit or syrup, resulting in a slushy consistency. There’s a big variety of bubble teas with a wide range of ingredients.

Where can you get a cup?

Sharetea in Linda Vista: Established in 1992, Sharetea started off business with to-go black tea and pearl milk tea drinks in Taipei, Taiwan. Sharetea’s drinks are made from high quality tea leaves and selected ingredients shipped directly from Taiwan, and all products are 100% guaranteed to arrive fresh and tasty, and they test the tea leaves each growing season to ensure their drinks’ quality. If you stop by, we recommend the Taro Pearl Milk Green Tea— it’s a pretty shade of purple and it’s on the sweet side, so it’s a good substitute for dessert.

GuilTea Cravings in Clairemont is a popular spot to grab bubble tea. It’s a bright, colorful space, the drinks are too! They have a long list of “next level milk teas” to choose from, so you can work through the menu all summer long. If you want to try something a little different, we recommend the Fruity Pebbles Milk Tea. The drink tastes like the leftover milk from fruity pebbles cereal, and part of enjoying the tea is reminiscing on a favorite childhood breakfast. While you’re at GuilTea Cravings, check out their selection of macaroons; they pair perfectly with bubble tea!

CreaTea in Pacific Beach is a great place to visit after a long day in the sun. This fun, local creperie whips up some delicious bubble teas, amongst other things. The Coconut Boba Ice Tea is one of our favorites: It’s tropical and cool, and it’s just what you need after spending a day on the beach. The interior at CreaTea is sleek, inviting and calm, and it offers some much needed reprieve from the heat to all of its visitors.

We hope you stop by one of these establishments around San Diego and try out some fun bubble tea flavors. Let us know which one turns out to be your favorite!

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