Thirsty Thursday: Jalapeño Fresh at Common Theory

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Happy Thirsty Thursday to our favorite cocktail enthusiasts! If you enjoyed last week’s installment to our Thirsty Thursday series, you are destined to enjoy this one considering we had the opportunity to meet with Cody, the head bartender of Common Theory Public House, once again. This week, Cody introduced a deliciously spicy cocktail called the Jalapeño Fresh, which you can easily make at home or taste at the restaurant.

As Cody stated, only four ingredients comprise the Jalapeño Fresh cocktail drink, Common Theory’s signature summer and spicy cocktail. The four ingredients include pineapple juice, Soju, fresh lime juice, and a little bit of simple syrup. Additionally, Cody added muddled jalapeños for extra flavor.

The steps to make this tasty beverage are so simple that you can even make the Jalapeño Fresh in the comfort of your own home. Cody first said to take jalapeño and muddle it with lime juice and simple syrup. Afterwards, you take the muddle to release some of the flavor of the jalapeño. Then, you add four ounces of Soju and pineapple juice before adding the ice. After giving the concoction a hard shake, you strain everything but the ice and the muddled jalapeño. Finally, top it off with an IPA of your choice, although he recommended a hoppy IPA from the Los Angeles area.

Image by: SD Entertainer

To make the drink look more appealing, you can also dress the drink with a jalapeño. The combination of the yellow drink against the green jalapeño make for the perfect looking summer beverage to share at a party.

At the end of Cody’s instructional video he said, “Something unique about this drink is that it’s a little spicy, a nice summer cocktail, very refreshing, but has a spicy citrusy twist as well.” We completely agree, and hope that you also enjoy Common Theory Public House’s mouth watering beverage, the Jalapeño Fresh, as much as we did.

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