The California Burrito

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The California Burrito
Definition: A delicious San Diegan treat stuffed with carne asada, french fries, loads of cheese, salsa and guacamole.


Why is this burrito so great? Well to start out, this massive burrito contains meat that is cooked to perfection and is wrapped in a warm, soft flour tortilla. Californians (and San Diegans to be more specific) find that although the concept is so simple, it is also very addicting.

This burrito may be well known in California, especially southern California, but isn’t recognized in many other parts of the United States. If you plan to go to the east coast, don’t expect a burrito of this quality and size to pop up anywhere around you.

While Southern California has its fair share of Mexican restaurants, it’s the more local, mom & pop type restaurants where you will find the best of the best of this Mexican-American cuisine.

The trusty California burrito has the heart of many San Diegans and makes for the perfect meal after spending hours at the beach (or hours at a local bar). It may not be considered authentic Mexican food, but it is delicious. What more do you need?

So where do you get these magical burritos?  There are many places to get these burritos, but it is recommended to stay away from fast food counterparts if you want to indulge in the best burrito money can buy.

California Burrito

Lolita’s Taco Shop in Clairemont Mesa, El Aztaca Taco Shop in La Mesa, and Sarita’s in Spring Valley are just a few of the top ranked burritos in SD. Lolita’s Taco Shop is voted among the best when it comes to burritos with a small price, a massive meal, and crispy fries.

El Azteca Taco Shop has the standard Mexican cuisine, but its mammoth of a burrito is definitely the standout. El Azteca Taco Shop loads on the regular fixings and gives you a choice of red or green salsa to mix things up a bit.

Sarita’s, another hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant, is open 24 hours and customers rave about its burrito. While California burritos are normally enormous in size, Sarita’s serves a burrito on another level.

While residents of San Diego might argue about which place deserves the title of the best burrito, you really can’t go wrong in any traditional Mexican place in San Diego. If you haven’t tested the waters of the California Burrito, try one, try all, and enjoy the rest of your life knowing the California Burrito will always be your go-to meal.



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