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Looks like your skinny, iced mocha vanilla latte is about to go up in price, yet again. Starbucks announced that starting on July 12th, some drinks will have a price increase of up to 30 cents.

Now we all have a choice here; continue supporting Starbucks and their yearly price increases, or support more local, family owned coffee shops. There’s something so comforting about a smaller, home-grown coffee shop. A cozy atmosphere, friendly people, classic coffee mugs, it’s all so inviting compared to the branded world of Starbucks.

Starbucks was one of societies first introductions on gourmet coffee, and they managed to get consumers hooked on high priced, sugary drinks. But what a lot of people don’t know is that smaller coffee shops have really stepped up their game.

coffeeSupporting local has many benefits for you and the restaurant you’re purchasing from. For one, the coffee will be much cheaper. You may not get your soy double pump whatever, but what you will get is a classic, delicious home brewed cup of quality coffee.

Another major advantage is that you will get excellent customer service every time. The truth is larger coffee chains can’t afford to give the best customer service. They focus on pumping out the drinks quickly, and focus on the revenue. Smaller restaurants are dedicated to making you feel at home, recognizing your daily business, and welcoming you into their shops. Many people don’t return to a coffee shop for the coffee, they return for the ambiance of the shop.

While larger chains may provide the well-known drinks, and the logo’d cups, when you support local coffee shops you are also supporting your local economy. You not only are helping out the business, but you are helping your economy survive and thrive without the corporate chains taking over. Would you rather support a corporate chain whose revenue goes who knows where, or would you rather support a family owned business who provides quality delicious coffee every time?

Yes, it’s easy to go to Starbucks and get your regular drink you’ve been sipping on for years, but if you venture out of your comfort zone you may find some really amazing, inviting, local shops. Local businesses offer high quality drinks, and are generally more personalized, relaxing and quiet than the corporate businesses.


Coffee’s purpose is to get you ready for the day, to energize you, to make you think you can take on the world. What better way to refresh your mind and energy then in a slower, more welcoming coffee shop? It’s important to support businesses who are passionate about the perfect brew. So drink local, and test out some charming coffee shops along the way.

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