Turn Up the Heat With These Spicy Dishes

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If you’re in the mood to get your taste buds tingling, then we’ve got some tasty eats that will turn up the heat. Check out these top spots for your next spicy adventure. 

Bahn Mi Ramen Burger – Draft Republic 

This traditional Vietnamese sandwich comes stacked with a savory sausage patty and topped with pickled carrots, jalapeno, a fried egg, and slathered with sriracha mayo. This unique burger is the perfect fusion of traditional Asian and American cuisine, and provides plenty of balanced heat.

Drunken Noodles – Thai One On

Drunken Noodle is a classic Thai dish, and Thai One On is one of my personal favorites. This dish is made blazingly hot, taking no mercy on whoever decides to endure its heat. If you think you’re up for it, the flavors of chili, Thai basil, bell pepper all seamlessly blending together to create a culinary masterpiece.

Spicy Sesame Ramen – Tajima 

One of our favorite destinations for authentic Japanese cuisine, Tajima is known for providing customers some seriously spicy dishes. Try out the Spicy Sesame Ramen – a bowl of spicy tonkatsu soup, with ground pork, fried garlic chips, half a ramen egg, green onions, and Japanese seaweed. This will fix even the worst of your blues. 

Hot Pepper Wings – Urge Gastropub

These are hot wings that truly live up to their name. These bad boys are smothered in red pepper sauce and served with a cilantro ranch sauce for your dipping pleasure. Be sure to grab a cold beer to wash down the spice. 

Spicy Fried Chicken – Mr. Spicy 

Spicy and fried chicken were practically made for each other. At Mr. Spicy, their Spicy Fried Chicken is fried to perfection, with the perfect amount of crunch and crisp. It’s dusted with a tongue-tingling spice and complemented with a healthy amount of chili peppers. 

Wings – Bub’s at the Beach 

Known for their award-winning wings, Bub’s at the Beach is no stranger to bringing the heat with the delicious meal. They have four different habanero options, including a sweet Honey, Mango, Archie, and Carolina. If you’re really looking for some spice, the Carolina Habanero is sure to have you reaching for that water. 

Sriracha-Cha Pizza – Woodstock’s Pizza 

Pizza isn’t your usual go-to spicy dish, but this one should definitely be on your list to try. Made with creamy Sriracha sauce, crispy bacon, pineapple, green onions, and a Sriracha swirl to top it off, it makes for a unique pizza flavor with plenty of heat. 

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