A San Diego Collab: All You Need Is Love

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San Diego’s annual Pride Festival is back again for another amazing celebration. Beginning on July 16th, Balboa park will host a parade, a music festival featuring Kesha, dozens of shopping venues, and celebration of the LGBTQ community.

In spite of the recent tragic events surrounding the Gay community, the pride festival will still fight on, and many companies are joining in on supporting the festival. Karl Strauss Brewing Company and Hillcrest Brewing Company have joined forces to create a beer in support of the LGBT community and of those affected by the recent events. The resulting beer is called All You Need Is Love and is a hoppy session ale, featuring flavors of pine, tropical fruit and citrus, finished by a red-malt backbone.

The proceeds of the beer will help assist organizations aiding in the recovery of the victims in the recent Orlando tragedy, as well as those who are raising awareness for the LGBTQ community. 17 other San Diego breweries have collaborated by brewing their own versions of the beer. The companies include: 2Kids Brewing Company, Amplified Ale Works, Bagby Beer Company, Company, Belching Beaver, Border X, Chuck Alek, Duck Foot, Gordon Biersch, Intergalactic, Mission, Mother Earth, Second Chance, South Park, and Wavelength Brewing Company. It truly is an industry-wide support system.

Brewery Beer

Beginning on July 15th, Karl Strauss and Hillcrest Brewing Company’s version of All You Need Is Love will start pouring at Hillcrest Brewing’s tasting room, Karl Strauss Brewpubs, and at various craft beer locations in San Diego.

“Keep an eye out around town for these beers and enjoy them with the knowledge that, no matter how small the gesture, each and every one of us can contribute to making our world a place where peace, love, and freedom triumph over all else.”

-Karl Strauss Brewing Company

There are many ways you can support the community and those who were effected in Orlando. Start off Pride weekend at Hillcrest Brewing Company on July 14th, for the release party of the All You Need Is Love beer. To celebrate San Diego’s Pride Festival, head to any Karl Strauss location on July 15th for a $10 dollar “Keel the Glass” promotion, to help raise money for LGBTQ organizations.

Gay Pride

Any support, no matter how small can help those who are suffering. Show your pride by grabbing a glass of All You Need Is Love and heading over to the San Diego Pride Festival starting July 16, 2016.

Visit the Karl Strauss Brewing Company’s blog for more information on the beer itself, where it is made, and where the proceeds are heading.

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