Secret Menu items found in local chains

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The rumors are true.

However, no secret handshakes are required as all one must do is ask. For those unsatisfied and bored of what typical fast-food chains or restaurants offer, secret menu items are plentiful and can even be forged from your imagination. But be warned, this list contains fattening and artery-clogging goods.

In-N-Out Burgers

It may not be such a secret anymore, but this fast-food favorite has an extensive not-on-the-menu list, which In-N-Out even acknowledges on its website.

A common favorite is the Animal Style burger, which is a mustard cooked patty, with pickles and grilled onions. The Animal Style theme can also be applied to the fries. For those desiring a meatier taste to their burger, In-N-Out can make a burger with up to four patties wedged between the buns. The secret menu also contains a Flying Dutchman, which is a bun-less burger with only two pieces of meat and two pieces of cheese. For those desiring less carbohydrates, with all the goods, In-N-Out has a Protein Burger, which is a patty wrapped around a lettuce instead of a bun. And vegetarians no longer have to avoid this eatery as they also make a Grilled Cheese. It’s a healthier alternative compared to a cheeseburger as it’s filled with two slices of cheese, tomato, lettuce, onions and sauce.

In-N-Out can usually make the customer’s burger any style they prefer. According to customer service representative, Josh Arreola, In-N-Out has fulfilled orders of a burger with 100 patties; however they have discontinued this in order to not jeopardize the quality of its burgers.

Arreola said they haven’t added these secret items on the menu because it has been the same for more than 50 years and it wants to stick to the original menu.

“We have customers ordering from the secret menu all the time,” Arreola said. “But this is what the company wants and this is want they prefer.”


In daily coffee runs, it may be likely that one has tried everything after several years of visits. In order to spice up some java in one’s life they offer multiple delectable beverages to get one through the day.

According to Associated Content a sweet concoction guaranteed to have one bouncing off the walls is the Captain Crunch and The Nutella. The Captain Crunch is composed of Strawberries and Creme Frappuccino with a shot of caramel, two shots of toffee, one shot of hazelnut and two scoops of chocolate chips. For chocolate lovers, The Nutella is made of the Cafe Au Lait with a shot of chocolate, hazelnut and a drop of real caramel. If one is scrounging around for change just to get their morning coffee or just feeling frugal, Starbucks offers a “short” coffee.  Although, the Tall is advertised as the smallest drink, the short is served in a child’s size hot chocolate cup. On the eve of a stressful finals night, the perfect remedy is the Red Eye, which is a shot of espresso in regular drip coffee or a Black Eye made of two shots of espresso in regular drip coffee. For those who feel all is lost: The Green Eye is composed of three shots of espresso in regular drip coffee.


It is a little known fact that Chipotle employees are able to make anything within reasonable ingredients in stock. If one is low on doe or not hungry enough to consume a hefty Chipotle burrito, a great alternative is one of its quesadillas. Chicken and steak are a perfect complement to this cheesy mix. Chipotle’s unadvertised nachos also may be a step up from typical nachos pumped with cheese sauce. All of the ingredients are fresh and high quality including its Pico de Gallo and corn salsa.

Jamba Juice

It may be known as a health-food chain, but Jamba Juice has multiple sugary beverages that never made it to the menu or have been discontinued for various reasons. Some are very high in calories, which contradict Jamba Juice’s ideology of healthy living. Although these beverages may be caloric ticking time bombs, they give back in some of the most flavorful, mouth-watering and authentic-tasting confectionary drinks.  According to CNN, some of the confirmed beverages available to make include Strawberry Shortcake, White Gummy Bear, PB&J, Various flavors of Starbursts, Fruity Pebbles, Push-Up Pops, and Skittles. Other rumored flavors include Reese Pieces, Apple Pie, Sourpatch Kid, Tootsie Roll and Now and Later.

Although all these delightful treats are not the best for one’s diet, it is useful knowledge when in need of comfort food or if one wants to broaden taste buds.

*Photos from Jef Poskanzer via Wikimedia and Zach Dischner, Idogcow and Mike Saechang via Flickr

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