12 Healthy Dishes from San Diego Restaurants to Kick Off Your New Year’s Resolutions

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So many people strive to eat healthier in the new year. After a holiday season full of gluttony, it’s a welcome sight to see these healthy, fresh dishes from San Diego favorite restaurants.

The Immunity Bowl – Sweetfin

The Immunity Bowl is a nutrient-rich, superfood-dense functional bowl that is filled with powerhouse ingredients to keep you energized throughout the winter months. Sustainably raised shrimp is topped with a homemade Yuzu Kosho sauce, sauteed rapini, pickled fresno chilis, chili marinated oranges, fresh ginger, cucumbers, and crispy garlic, served over bamboo rice. The dish is gluten-free and is high in vitamin C and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

Chia Berry Bowl – Spill the Beans

Although known for their bagels and breakfast sandwiches, Spill the Beans also features a few healthy breakfast items for those looking to stick to their New Year’s resolutions. Both the Gaslamp and Seaport Village locations offer a Chia Berry Bowl, made with chia pudding, coconut milk yogurt, seasonal berries, and seed garnish. If you’re looking for a higher protein option, order the Chia Protein Bowl with fresh bananas, house-made almond butter, and agave. Both are hearty and delicious options, that will keep you satisfied throughout the day.

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Ahi Salad – Fish Shop

Each of Fish Shops’ three locations – Pacific Beach, Encinitas, and Point Loma – allow customers to build their own fresh fish dishes, which makes it easy to stick to any healthy eating resolutions. Opt for the rare Ahi and keep it simple with the marinade. Order atop a salad of mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, pickled red onions, and capers and select your own dressing, with healthy options like citrus vinaigrette. 

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Harvest Omelet – Breakfast Republic

Slide into your 2021 health resolution with Breakfast Republic’s Harvest Omelet, made from plant-based eggs and packed with asparagus, avocado, spinach, onion, jalapeno, and vegan sausage. The more colors on your plate, the better, which is why this morning specialty makes a great healthy option to start your day. 

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Quinoa Salad – Fig Tree Cafe

Salads have undergone a major glow-up over the years, packing more flavor and creative varieties than the sad side salads of years past. Fig Tree Café offers a slew of salad options, including their Quinoa Salad, featuring fresh romaine, kale, crispy quinoa, red onion, cherry tomato, queso fresco, cilantro, black beans, jicama, roasted corn, avocado, and chipotle vinaigrette. Pair this with one of their Apoptogenic Antioxidant Shots for an extra immune boost!

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I Am Liberated – Cafe Gratitude 

As an alternative to traditional pasta, Cafe Gratitude San Diego offers the I Am Liberated Kelp-Noodle based dish, made with Basil Hempseed Pesto and Ricotta Kelp Noodles. The noodles deliver the same nutrient and mineral-dense benefits as other sea vegetables. Once mixed with the basil hempseed pesto and ricotta, this dish is filled with flavor and health benefits not found in your typical pesto pasta. A delicious way to kick off the New Year without feeling guilty! 

Winter Immunity Bowl – True Food Kitchen

A hearty and delicious combination of immune-boosting all-stars come together with a warm, savory garlic broth in this Dr. Weil-inspired immunity soup. Featuring ingredients like lion’s mane mushrooms, carrots, farro, quinoa, edamame, garbanzo beans, organic kale, and more, this warm winter bowl is the boost you need in the new year.

Pho – OB Noodle House

OB Noodle House’s pho is a richly flavored, house-made broth soup with rice noodles and many choices of protein to fit your diet including chicken, seafood, steak or veggies and tofu. This satisfying dish is topped with onions, green onions, and cilantro, served with Thai basil leaves, bean sprouts, jalapenos, and lime. 

Winter Glow Salad – Grater Greens

Start your new year off on the right foot with nourishing creations from Grater Greens. Keep your skin glowing with the Winter Glow Salad, featuring a kale cabbage salad base, red bell peppers, roasted sweet potatoes, avocado, feta, pumpkin seeds, house-made apple cider vinaigrette, and the option to incorporate a protein such as salmon. Each ingredient within this dish promotes healthy skin — including avocado and red bell peppers which are high in Vitamin C, salmon which contains omega-3 fatty acids, and sweet potatoes which are an excellent source of beta carotene. 

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Thai Carrot Pasta – ARLO

For a filling yet nutritious meal, head to Town and Country Resort’s signature eatery, ARLO, and indulge in the Thai Carrot Pasta. Prepared by Chef Josh Mouzakes, this entree ties together rich flavors, healthy fats, nutrient-dense vegetables, and controlled portions of whole grain. Fresh corn filled ravioli is dressed with sauteed baby bok choy, sea asparagus, roasted red pepper, thumbelina carrot, and heirloom cauliflower florets.

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Sashimi Salad – Lionfish 

Head to Lionfish and delight in a Sashimi Salad, prepared by James Beard Smart Catch Leader and Executive Chef JoJo Ruiz. Chef JoJo is a strong supporter of using underutilized, underloved seafood, which is why he uses local red ogo seaweed in this wholesome dish — an underused nutritious ingredient. Made with all sustainable and traceable fish, this entree is dressed with sunomono cucumbers, dashi pickled onions and a white amazu ponzu. A rich source of protein, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, this dish will check off all the boxes: delicious, nutritious and sustainable. 

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Vegetarian Chili – Seasons Restaurant

Deeply satisfying, Chef Waters’ Vegetarian Chili replaces beef with soy-based meat, all combined with a playful amount of the best seasonal vegetables. This dish is cooked up in a vegetable stock alongside sweet potatoes and corn, with a pinch of fontina cheese on top. Another healthful surprise is the polenta croutons, created using vegan butter, lending a sweet crunch in replacement of traditional cornbread. 

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