Friday Food Truck Fridays

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Balboa Park has been transformed into every “foodie’s” dream, with Food Truck Fridays. Every Friday from 4pm-8:30pm in the Plaza de Panama, you can enjoy the appetizers, main course, and desserts. There are lots of activities for you to enjoy here with your family as well, such as $5 entrance to the San Diego Museum of Art. Having this event held in such a public setting, is the perfect environment, because you can continue your family fun night after you have indulged in delicious food. This is the ultimate place for a family filled night, or a night out with your best friends who are looking for something new to do.

There is different entertainment provided every Friday, to keep the scene fresh and upbeat with new performances. Every week along with the new entertainment, will be new food trucks, so you can always have a variety of food available, no matter how many times you make your way to the food trucks in Balboa. Some of the food available will consist of fresh pizzas, Thai noodles, tacos, waffles, shaved ice, and boba. You will be overwhelmed with food options, and the best part is you can come every Friday and explore a whole new food selection.

These delicious and gourmet food trucks, live entertainment, and interactive activities are the perfect way to start your weekend, and the best way to be involved in our community. This event brings the locals of San Diego together, and you can create a new family tradition by spending every Friday in an environment surrounded with upbeat vibes.

The gourmet food truck set up is currently in their second year of being active, and the bar keeps getting set higher. Other entertainment coming up in the next few weeks include performances from the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, a live music show of the talented brothers of The Pizarro Brothers, and Floyd Smith who has won six Grammy’s. There are also interactive activities that are coming up within the next few weeks, such as painting for children, prize wheels, and chalk drawings of trains. You can enjoy a relaxing evening by sitting on a blanket with your family in front of the Botanical Building and enjoying the scenery and active conversation. Or you can sip on wine, beer, or whatever your favorite cocktail is, at Panama 66 or other restaurants located in the area.

The last fun food truck Friday is on September 29th, so make sure to embrace the end of summer at an event that will make you feel a part of the San Diego community all over again. Indulge in the fresh sushi, food hot off the grill, and juicy sausage that will have your mouth watering, and wishing that every day could be Food Truck Friday.

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