Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth with These San Diego Favorites

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If you have a gnarly sweet tooth that can’t be tamed, you’re in the right city. San Diego is home to some of the most delicious baked treats, and you can explore while tasting some of the tastiest treats that our city has to offer.

Crafted Baked Goods at Liberty Public Market has Executive Pastry Chef Lori Saucer, who creates beautiful desserts that taste even better than they look. You can also watch your treats being made in an open environment that acts as a dessert exhibition. You can choose anything to fix your sweet tooth craving such as, cupcakes, cakes, tarts, pies, pretzels, and of course cookies. Lori has of a decade of experience, which means show knows what will appeal to you, and your taste buds.

Another extraordinary place to find baked goods in San Diego is at Extraordinary Desserts. Head Chef and owner Karen Krasne is also originally from San Diego. She has studied the craft of baking, and pastry making, and her desserts are inspired by her travels from all over the globe. Aside from deserts, this dessert phenomenon also has food and drinks available for you to enjoy. Stop at either their Little Italy or Balboa Park locations to indulge in cakes, brownies, cookies, chocolate bars, pies. If there is a special occasion, or you are simply having a girls night, a cupcake tower is the perfect way to get a sugar rush. These delicately made treats are just a taste of how many sweets and baked goods are actually available. You can also taste gluten free, sugar free, and all vegan cookies that taste even better than an original cookie. You can get different packages of 6-12 cookies and embrace desert time.

At Babycakes in Hillcrest and Imperial Beach you can treat yourself to wining, dining, and a whole lot of “deserting”. Enjoy cheesecakes, cookies, cupcakes, and tarts all made to your personal preference. There are numerous flavors to every baked good option, and you will never run out of amazing things to taste. At the Hillcrest location is a bar with delicious drinks, complimented by tasty food. You can now drink your desert, and this is the key to an ultimate sugar high that will satisfy your craving. Some might agree that the best part about this bar is every day brunches that take place from 9am through 3pm. Your breakfast and mid day snack can now be filed with chocolate, pancakes, and more chocolate.

If you want to travel to Paris, but can’t quite fit it into your schedule,  Le Parfait Paris will give you a little taste of Europe, right here in San Diego. Enjoy pastries, baked good, and of course wine all day long, while discovering new deserts with a French heritage. This authentic bakery, creates an ambiance of sophistication, and French culture. The hand crafted macaroons come in many flavors such as Raspberry, Strawberry, and Mango, along with Carmel Sea Salt, Lavender Honey, and much more. With multiple locations in San Diego, there’s likely one near you.

Discover your passion for desert, while discovering new places to satisfy your sweet craving. Enjoy your desert in an ambiance and atmosphere that will make your desert, even sweeter.

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