Del Mar Spotlight: Jake’s

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There are many trendy and unique restaurants in San Diego, and Del Mar is home to Jake’s. This waterfront restaurant is one of the most popular family owned establishments in San Diego. The restaurant is complete with a friendly environment that is perfect for any family outing. You can enjoy dinners, breakfast, lunch, and of course brunch in style with the unique interior design and perfect location. Perry Ustick the General Manager says, “We have great food, a great view, and regulars who have created a sense of community here.”

There are many different dishes here that you can enjoy, that will make your taste buds tingle with flavor. Try the Jumbo Lump Crab cake with roasted corn and aioli or the Black Mussels with tomatoes, herbs, and smothered with a lemon and garlic taste. The diverse seafood selection is complete with a Mixed Seafood Pot with lobster, scallops, and shrimp. Perry says, “The Mixed Seafood Pot has been on the menu for a long time and is one of the most popular dishes. We also do our calamari in a steak cut and have won awards for our ribs.” If you want to adventure out of your comfort zone, indulge in the Guajillo Roasted Fish, complete with salsa and fresh vinaigrette. Aside from the delicious dinner menu, brunch is also a very popular activity at Jake’s.

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Spend your Sunday afternoon relaxing with an ocean front view and champagne in your hand. Enjoy a classic breakfast burrito stuffed with eggs, pork, avocado, onions, spinach, and of course soft potatoes. Another daring dish is the Braised Beef Hash, which is fresh brisket with potatoes, eggs, and horseradish. From steak and eggs, to acai bowls, to sweet French toast, you can satisfy every brunch craving here. You can also take part in happy hour all night, every single Monday, making the beginning of your week a little bit earlier.

Although the food is extraordinary, a perfect meal means nothing without a perfect drink to compliment it. The unique and creative drinks allow everyone to try a diverse amount of cocktails with impeccable flavor. The Sassy Granny will take the edge off with gin, lemon, champagne and spicy jalapenos. Another popular drink is the Jake’s racing season Inspired Cocktail complete with wine, watermelon flavors, and pamplemousse liquor. Aside from cocktails, the draft beers include Pacifico, Swami’s IPA, and Firestone 805 Blonde Ale, along with numerous other tasty brews. Don’t worry not every cocktail has to contain alcohol, and your children will enjoy the tasty “mocktails” that are available. Enjoy a Cucmeber Squeeze, Powerhouse Pop, and a Ginger Lime Fizz.

Along with the delicious meals and drinks, the story behind this family friendly restaurant is truly extraordinary. Sandy Saxton and Rob Thibaut were in their 20’s when they became friends and discovered their passion for restaurants, and family. They decided they wanted to be in this business, and used their opposite but compatible personalities to their advantage. They were determined to help people create positive memories along with keeping friendships that would last a life time. T S Restaurants was founded on friendship and ‘Ohana, allowing guests to feel at home no matter what. They take pride in their staff, and enjoy supporting the local community. Perry says, “Every night we have a Chef’s Special dish, and at the end of every month we donate those proceeds to the San Diego food bank, we love giving back to the community.”

Enjoy this positive and family friendly experience, along with feeling relaxed while enjoying the fresh sea breeze.

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