Best Wings in San Diego

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Ah, the chicken wing – the perfect messy meal for really just about anything. San Diego residents can rejoice as this city is one that does wings right. Whether you are a buffalo sauce connoisseur, a sweet & spice fanatic, or someone who enjoys a finely crafted wing (they exist), here are the best places in San Diego to get your fix.

Churchill’s Pub and Grille

Bringing the British invasion to the heart of North County San Diego, Churchill’s Pub is famous far and wide for their wings. Every Wednesday, you can get a heaping plate for just 55 cents a wing. These aren’t the kind of wings where you have to really scrape to get a good amount of meat off the bones. These wings are plump and ripe for the picking, with a variety of options to choose from, including: buffalo, Guinness BBQ, Cajun dry rub, old bay dry rub, spicy BBQ, sweet chili sauce, and a special spicy flavor called Ivan’s Revenge.


Dirty Birds

Dirty Birds is pretty much the Baskin Robins of wing sauces. With 37 flavors to choose from, it’s practically wing heaven. Yes, they have your classic sauces like BBQ, buffalo, and lemon pepper, but with options like these, you’ll want to sample something out of the ordinary. Dirty Birds offers some incredibly unique flavors like Maple Chipotle BBQ, Chicken Enchilada, and Green Machine, a fiery blend of various green peppers that kicks up the heat. If you think you can conquer any spicy wing, well the Ghost Wing will practically scorch your tastebuds to a crisp – consider yourself warned. Check out one of their three locations in San Diego. 


Inland Tavern

Bringing the coastal vibe to North County, Inland Tavern serves up some of the crispiest wings around. Wet sauce choices include ginger teriyaki, habanero pink peppercorn, or sriracha buffalo. This place also offers dry rubs like chile lime, dry ranch, and garlic parmesan. No matter what you choose, all of their wings start off with a 24-hour buttermilk marinade before being baked then fried for a perfect golden crunch.


Twist Sandwiches

Don’t let the name fool you – this sandwich joint has several wing options that boast a marvelously tasty experience. Their Twist wings are coated with a homemade ponzu sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds, giving it a nice Asian infusion that is downright delicious. Plus, each order is served with their crispy fries and house made ranch – a match made in wing heaven.


Buffalo Wing Star

If the restaurant menu is practically dedicated to wings, you know you’re in the right place. Buffalo Wing Star is a place that lives and breathes wings, with over 10 sauces to choose from. Check out their Mango Habanero wings, the sauce is sweet and spicy perfection. Spice lovers, I dare you to go nuclear with the fiery Atomic wings. Their combos include three breadsticks or french fries, veggies, and your choice of ranch of blue cheese. 



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