Artisanal Tea Shops in San Diego

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Winter is coming which means colder nights and shorter days. While San Diego doesn’t get as cold as other parts of the US, it’s still nice to sit back on a winter’s night and enjoy a hot cup of tea. If you’re always on the hunt for a quality cup of tea, you’re in luck. San Diego does not disappoint in the realm of artisanal tea shops. Whether you prefer a simple cup of black tea, or like the more exotic stuff, these are the places you want to check out. 

Shakespeare’s Corner Shoppe and Afternoon Tea – Mission Hills 

When it comes to tea, the British know how to do it right. Head on over to Shakespeare’s Corner Shoppe for an amazing cup of tea while getting comfortable in this small, cozy shop. The staff here is well-educated, capable of answering all your questions. They offer a wide variety of loose leaf teas from their Tea Sniffing Bar. Their teas are imported from England and are of the highest quality. They also offer a nice selection of teapots, tea strainers, and more so you can brew the best cup possible at home. 

Aubrey Rose Tea Room – La Mesa 

Drawing design elements from the Victorian-era, Aubrey Rose Tea Room exudes elegance to the highest degree. Offering fine loose leaf teas, petite treats, and the hospitality fit for royalty, this experience is like no other. This is the place to be if you want to head out for some afternoon tea with friends. Executive Chef Colleen is excellent in preparing and serving a menu based around an exquisite cup of tea, so be ready to receive a truly regal experience. 

American House Coffee & Tea – Caramel Valley 

You’re going to be hard-pressed to find a more extensive collection of loose leaf teas than that of American House Coffee & Tea. Here, you are quick to see that they take pride in serving their customers an authentic, high-quality selection of loose leaf teas that can be brewed on-site or taken home. A few stand-outs include their excellent Coconut Vanilla Black Tea and the Hibiscus Flowers Herbal Tea. 

Coral Tree Tea House – Old Town 

Located in Old Town’s historic Heritage County Park, Coral Tree Tea House is a true testament to the tea house experience. Each seat in the house offers a beautiful view of the park, pairing well with a delicious array of savory bites, tea sandwiches, freshly baked scones, and of course, a steaming cup of tea. Coral Tree offers Queens High Tea as well as Afternoon Tea and Princess & Prince Tea for the kids. 

Adams Ave Tea House – Normal Heights 

This delightful gem is a favorite among locals, offering an excellent selection of teas and gourmet food. All of the teas found here are organic and certified fair trade. Whether you have a go-to tea, or are looking to try something new, you’re in good shape when visiting Adams Ave. The Adams Ave Peach is an exclusive blend of aromatic botanicals, capturing loads of flavor with no added sugar. For a more full-bodied experience, go for the Ceylon Black, a classic Sri-Lankan loose-leaf with a silky finish. 

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