A new brewery emerges in North Park

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Just when you thought North Park couldn’t add more breweries to their vibrant scene, another one sporadically sprouts out of nowhere.

J & L Eppig Brewing will be hosting a grand opening on November 19 from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

This has been becoming a common theme within the city for awhile, with some high-quality breweries.

But the method by which J & L Eppig Brewing will be employing its business may not be quite deduced as an axiomatic one. J & L Eppig will be opening its doors with some help from CRAFT by Brewery Igniter—a real estate concept that merges start-up breweries to assist in minimizing initial costs, provide on-call and pristine construction, and decreased investment risk.

“Brewery Igniter allowed us to open our doors more quickly -150 years after the first Eppig family brewery- as well as secure a location in our neighborhood and burgeoning craft hub of North Park,” said Stephanie Eppig, director of marketing for Eppig Brewing.

CRAFT by Brewery Igniter has been acclimating to the startup brewery scene. In fact, the company -headed up by the H.G. Fenton Company- recently helped with the opening and renovations of its first breweries in Miramar—Pure Project Brewing and Amplified Ale Works.

CRAFT has lent its hand in creating expansive spaces for start-up breweries to utilize and deal with high demand volume.

CRAFT has lent its hand in creating expansive spaces for start-up breweries to utilize and deal with high demand volume.

The former opened in January of 2016, while the latter was experiencing capacity coupled with demand issues which were later solved through the opening of a new tasting room in May of 2016. In fact, the demand was so high -with low supply- at Amplified Ale Works that an added 2,000 barrels of beer per year were needed to help meet their standards.

The implementation strategy of helping with cost-efficient goals has led to the jump-start incentive these companies needed to thrive within the confines of their communities.

Pure Project Brewing and Amplified Ale Works were simply microcosms of this concept set in motion by H.G. Fenton.

“CRAFT will be an exciting destination for beer lovers and a dynamic and innovative setting for brewmasters who can collaborate on brews and promotions,” says Bill Hooper, a portfolio manager with H.G. Fenton’s commercial team. “We developed Brewery Igniter to help these passionate San Diego entrepreneurs succeed, so it’s always a thrill to see their visions come to life.”

In addition to J & L Eppig’s grand opening, Pariah Brewing Company and San Diego Brewing Company (SDBC) are in the final stages of outfitting their expansive spaces before opening to the masses. Both companies will also be using CRAFT’s facilities to increase the amounts of their ingredients and recipes.

When all of the aforementioned companies complete their final phases of preparation, there will be a combination of three microbreweries in one vicinity—adding a unique experience for the beer connoisseur.

But the real treat lies the grand opening festivities.

Indeed, visitors and beer lovers trying to network themselves into the business will benefit from meeting Eppig’s brewers along with treating themselves to tasting a minimum of 10 German-style lagers. And did we mention that there are prizes involved, too?

Whether you are new or well-seasoned to the beer culture, J & L Eppig Brewing’s grand opening will be an eventful as well as beneficial one for all visitors.

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  1. Jay

    November 19, 2016 at 1:26 pm

    Meet the owners and get a cool sneak preview!


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