Gas Lamp Pizza, Simply The Best In Downtown!

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Picture from 'jasonlam' via Flikr

Simply put, this is a small, hole-in-the-wall pizza place that everyone knows about but rarely talks about. But if you ask anyone in downtown San Diego, “Where can I find a good slice of pizza?” they’ll point you to Gas Lamp Pizza—and they’ll most likely use adjectives like, “amazing”, “incredible” or “face-melting.”

You can order pizza by the slice ($3.00 a slice) or a whole pie. They also have a deal for $6.00 you can get two slices of pizza and a drink. There are only a couple tables to sit at so this is definitely a place to grab your food and go. This is perfect if you’re on the way to a baseball game or if you want to eat and walk around. They’re open late, until 4 AM, so if you get the urge for a midnight snack—they’ll be around. I recommend the pepperoni and their pesto but literally, everything is good.

This hole-in-the-wall is not to be overlooked! It’s cheesy, thin crusted, greasy in a good way, and delicious. They are known for their New York style, being fast, and their huge portion sizes.  The older Italian man who works there is also extremely friendly.  It seems a lot less gas-lamp-y than the rest of the restaurants downtown such as Ciro’s Pizza, and that is why most of the club-goers take over it late at night.

Gas Lamp Pizza is just four blocks away from the Convention Center. You can find them at 505 5th Avenue (between Island Ave & Market St). For to-go orders give them a call at (619) 231-7542.  I definitely recommend you check them out!

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