Bar Basic Presents an Unforgetable Night

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On October 20th, Alyssa Powell will be hosting a special event located at Bar Basic in Downtown San Diego. Bar Basic is a local pizza joint and bar located in the East Village.

The historic building used to be a factory; its rich history is reflected in the architecture and overall vibe. Brick walls and elevated ceilings bring out a very cozy and laid back feel to the restaurant.

This pizza shop serves pizza until 2:00am everyday and brings in the locals around Downtown San Diego. Out-of-towners also frequent the restaurant and bar because of the close proximity to the ballpark. If you’ve ever been in the area and have not stopped by, you are missing out.

Bar Basic is the winner of NBC’s Golden Local Contest for having the “Best Pizza in San Diego.” The pizza is unique, yet utterly simple. Great crust, great sauce, and basic toppings. They were the first restaurant in California to use coal-fired brick ovens; this technique lends a great texture to the pizza. The locals agree — you won’t find anything better in San Diego.

Alyssa Powell Photography

Alyssa Powell Photography

If you’ve never been, what better time than now?  Tuesday, October 20, Bar Basic will be showcasing the works of Alyssa Powell, a remarkably talented photographer. She will be creating a Halloween shoot with a fashion meets vampires theme. The photo shoot will start at 9:00pm and the bar will be filled with great food and music the whole night.

Bring your friends and your festive attitude and be prepared for an interesting night. Halloween is just around the corner, what a great way to kick off the holiday.

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