2017 North Park Festival of Arts

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The weather is brightening up and the sun is starting to warm San Diego, which means it’s almost time for the best time of the year. Get excited for summer by exploring different foods, craft beers, and exotic artwork at the North Park Festival of Arts on May 20th.

This hip and vibrant street fair will be from 11am-10pm, oh, and did we mention it’s free to attend? There are numerous amounts of entertainment to be discovered here, including a live art component and live music. Dance your way into relaxation with a cold beer in your hand this coming Saturday.

Come sample some of the local breweries beer, and enjoy in a kid-free zone to kick back and unwind in. Or, bring your little ones and let them enjoy their own block with their own activities! Brighten their mind at the Kids Art Block, where they can participate in interactive activities with other children. Stimulate your child’s mind while enjoying your own atmosphere, as well.  All of the proceeds go towards North Park Main Street, a non profit organization that is dedicated to the North Park Business Improvement District.  

Come watch local San Diego artists turn ordinary objects, into something that is one of a kind. You will witness creative minds, live, and will be able to donate your personal belongings as well. When you donate an object, it will have been painted according to your personal style, and be returned to you with a whole new vibe. Give an artist your old beat up car, and let them paint it and give it a new meaning. You can donate anything from a car, a bus, or anything else that you would like to make beautiful again. Turn something old and simple, into something new and stunning.

Aside from live artists, there will be live DJ’s and bands ready to make you dance the day and night away. There are a total of seven live performances, from bands to DJ’s, you won’t want to miss your chance to dance your way into summer.

The North Park Festival of Arts is perfect for anyone looking to have a good time, or anyone that wants to take the family on a new adventure.  From local food, to fresh drinks, to live artistry, this is the place to be to kick off summer. This street festival is about embracing individuality, and expressing your personal vibe. So grab your kids, your family, or your adventure buddy, and make sure you check out the North Park Festival of Arts street fair. This unique outing will prepare your soul and vibes for the summer season, and make you appreciate your San Diego home.

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