Lady Gaga Postpones Show in Montreal and Apologizes with Pizza

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As a result of Lady Gaga performing in a torrential rainstorm in New York City’s City Field last Tuesday, she ended up getting a respiratory infection and laryngitis. Doctors advised Gaga to rest, so she had to cancel her show in Montreal, Canada. As a way of apologizing to her loyal fans waiting outside of her hotel room for her, Gaga ordered pizza for them.

To announce the news of the concert cancellation, Gaga tweeted a message to her fans. She felt “devastated” about cancelling the concert and posted a black and white picture of herself appearing extremely sorrowful to share the news.

And she didn’t stop there. A couple hours later, she also tweeted that she was sending free pizza to “any monsters outside” of her hotel room. Sure enough, pizza courtesy of Gaga came the fan’s way in a timely manner. Fans were happy about it and sympathized with Gaga’s illness.

One Gaga fan shared pictures of the Canadian fans enjoying delicious pizza together.

Gaga is expected to perform Wednesday and Thursday in Toronto to continue the “Joanne World Tour.” There has been no word on if these performances are still going to happen, but promoters advised ticket holders to keep their tickets with the promise that any shows cancelled will soon be rescheduled.

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