Taylor Swift’s New Album, “Reputation”

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Considering Taylor Swift was recently facing a serious legal battle over the last month, her musical career has taken the back seat. However, Taylor Swift recently teased that new “snake-related” music was coming soon over social media posts last week. Luckily, the teases were accurate and Swift plans to drop her newest album, “Reputation,” on Nov. 10 at midnight.

“Reputation” will be Swift’s first album in three years, but she has still maintained a presence in music. Following her Grammy award winning 1989 album, Swift sang in duets and produced hit singles. For example, Swift and Zayn’s duet “I Don’t Want to Live Forever,” from Fifty Shades Darker was No.2 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The anticipation for her newest album hit an all time high last Friday, Aug. 18, considering Swift deleted all of her Instagram accounts. “Is she building a new “reputation” after this album comes out?” and “why would she do that?” are some questions we pondered.

Even if Swift is attempting to create a new version of herself, fans are already criticizing the new album cover Swift released. On the album cover, Swift is amidst black and white newspapers and is wearing a shirt that is shredded up as she holds a solemn stare. Critics are testing her originality and questioning her, to say the least.

Many fans took to Twitter to expose their disappointment. One Tweeter even said, “While I’m looking forward to the single I cannot believe Taylor Swift’s “dark era” aesthetic is 2004 Myspace “punk phase.”

Though Swift fans are going to have to wait until November for the album to come out, Swift is going to be releasing singles in the meantime. In fact, Swift is dropping her first song Thursday night. She hasn’t revealed the title of the single just yet, but SD Entertainer will keep you posted with further details and updates regarding Swift’s new album, “Reputation” as soon as we know.

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