Music Video: “No Hope Kids” by Wavves [dir. Pete Ohs]

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Ah, a day in the life. That seems to be what local musician Nathan Williams’s (a.k.a. Wavves) music video for “No Hope Kids” aims to capture. It looks like there were nothing but good times before the “fallout” of last month’s Primavera Sound Festival. Actually, the video does a great job giving those of you who missed his live show (Will they ever return? A: Yes, see below) to see how the kids these days get down.

In addition, Pitchfork’s just put up an interview with Nathan over exactly what happened in Barcelona, where Wavves will go next and with whom on board, and his thoughts on the hipsterati press attack that followed his actions.

Wavves has three dates left on its calendar, including one at the end of summer on August 28th for this year’s amazing Street Scene lineup. Come on home!

MP3: “So Bored” [from Wavvves]

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